6 Of The Weirdest Early Signs of Pregnancy

6 Of The Weirdest Early Signs of Pregnancy

From nose bleeds to a metallic-tasting mouth, pregnancy in itself is a weird time.

Everyone talks about morning sickness, moodiness and cravings as early pregnancy symptoms. But your mum and your friends didn't mention these totally strange pregnancy symptoms.

There is an astonishing number of very early signs that you might be pregnant. So we’ve compiled the weirdest symptoms that other mums have experienced.

Here’s a list of some weird early pregnancy symptoms no one tells you about

6 Of The Weirdest Early Signs of Pregnancy

Weird stuff will come out of you

Many women experience vaginal discharge. But it’s not often associated with pregnancy. However, most pregnant women will secrete sticky, white, or pale-yellow mucus early on in the first trimester and throughout their pregnancy. If you're pregnant, this will be you too.

During pregnancy, hormones increase to protect your cervix and vagina from infection. Visit your doctor if the discharge starts to:

You may have an infection.

Your body turns up the heat

When you first wake up in the morning after ovulation, your body temperature is slightly elevated. It stays that way until you get your next period. But if this temperature, known as basal body temperature, stays elevated for more than two weeks, you may be pregnant.

Stooling becomes an extreme sport

easrrly pregnancy symptoms

You may feel bloated like you want to pass gas or go number two. But it’s just not happening. That’s because pregnancy’s hormonal changes can lead to constipation, as can prenatal vitamins.

Your digestive system slows down during pregnancy. This gives nutrients just enough extra time to absorb into your bloodstream and reach your little one. If this is you, add more fiber into your diet, drink plenty of fluids, and exercise regularly. You can also check with your doctor about adding a pregnancy-safe stool softener.

Blocked or stuffy sinuses

Have you noticed that you're waking up with a blocked nose? Or perhaps you need to blow your nose more often than usual? This happens because there's an increase in snot and mucous production during pregnancy. Yep, you heard it! MUCOUS! And it doesn't only occur in your sinuses!

A metallic taste in your mouth

6 Of The Weirdest Early Signs of Pregnancy

Also known as dysgeusia, this sensory change often starts to go away after the first trimester. Sometimes it can stick around for the duration of the pregnancy. Somebody described the sensation as "having a mouth full of loose change" or "sucking on a handrail". Ew.


6 Of The Weirdest Early Signs of Pregnancy

Notice people pulling faces around you? The increase in progesterone during pregnancy can slow down the digestive system, allowing more time for gasses to build. And those gases need to escape somehow! This is where older kids can come in handy - BLAME THEM! If not, a husband or partner will suffice.


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