Easter in Nigeria: how to enjoy your Easter holiday

Easter in Nigeria: how to enjoy your Easter holiday

Want to know how to enjoy spending Easter in Nigeria? Read on to know about the beautiful places you could take your family this season.

Easter in Nigeria

Easter is the perfect time for a family getaway

The difference between Easter in Nigeria and Christmas

Unlike Christmas, which is celebrated on the 25th day of December every year, Easter doesn’t fall on the same date each year. The religious events leading up to Easter starts with the observation of a 40 day period known as lent, where the Christian faithful observe fasting, praying, abstinence and penance. Easter comes at the end of the Lenten season.

While the Christmas period, which is largely characterized by wild celebrations and consumerism, Easter in Nigeria is usually somber. The Easter message is usually focused on the sacrifice Jesus Christ made for humanity.

Although Easter in Nigeria is marked in a somewhat subdued atmosphere, people still find time to celebrate and have fun. In contrast to Christmas which is celebrated only on Christmas day, Easter celebrations last more than a week starting from Palm Sunday and ending on Easter Monday.

Good Friday and Easter Monday are public holidays in Nigeria, giving ample opportunities for citizens to attend events and visit places.

Below are some of the ways people celebrate Easter in Nigeria

1. Comedy shows

Stand-up comedy shows have become very popular with event goers in Nigeria. The family-friendly atmosphere and the rib-cracking jokes make these shows a crowd’s favourite.

If you are in Lagos, which is not only the commercial capital of Nigeria but also its entertainment capital, there is wide range of these comedy shows to choose from. There are big shows by established and celebrity comedians like the AY, Basketmouth, Bovi etc. And for those who don’t have enough money to attend big shows, there are affordable comedy clubs scattered all over Lagos and other cities.

2. Beach outings

Nigeria boasts of beautiful beaches. Nothing beats the experience of relaxing with friends and your loved ones at the beach while listening to the soothing sounds of the waves. Most of the beaches in Nigeria are located in the southern states which share a boundary with the Atlantic Ocean. Easter in Nigeria is a great opportunity to visit Nigerian beaches.

3. Karaoke bar hangouts

Most big cities in Nigeria have karaoke bars, which is one of the exciting places where people have the most fun. With thousands of songs to choose from. karaoke bars offers music enthusiast the opportunity to feel like stars even if it is for a few minutes.

4. Holidays at Nigerian resorts

There are many holiday resorts in Nigeria. One of them is the Ibom Le Meridien and Golf Resort located in Akwa Ibom State, which offers a wide range of adventure and fun for its visitors. Located at the south-southern part of Nigeria, the resort is situated in a serene and relaxing environment and will be a perfect getaway this Easter period. The Obudu Mountain Resort is another popular destination people celebrating Easter in Nigeria.

5. Trips to the shopping mall

Modern malls have sprung up all over Nigeria. Malls especially come alive during festive periods, and Easter in Nigeria is no exception.
Apart from movies on offer in the movie theatres, special events are organized inside the malls for the entertainment of visitors. If you are in Lagos check out the Ikeja City Mall. Those in Enugu can visit the Polo Park Mall.

6. The Obudu Cattle Ranch

Located in Calabar, Cross River State, the Obudu Cattle Ranch has attained international recognition for its breathtaking scenery and beauty. The ranch is a perfect holiday destination that offers a wide range of exciting activities like hiking, swimming, cable car-riding and cycling.

Easter in Nigeria

A family outing is a good idea during Easter

Amazing gifts for Easter

Easter in Nigeria is a great time for giving gifts and spreading love. Christians use the message of Easter, which emphasizes the gift of Christ to humanity by laying down his life, to also give to their loved ones and the less privileged.
Deciding on the best gift can be a little daunting. So here are some thoughtful gifts to consider.

• Religious gifts
In the West, gifts like the Easter bunny, the Easter egg and candy are popular. Easter in Nigeria is however different. Many Nigerian Christians are very religious and therefore will appreciate a gift that captures the mood of the season.
Therefore gifts like the Bible, religious pendants and crosses, rosaries etc.

• Clothes
Whether you are buying for children or adults, clothes make perfect gifts any day.

• Pastries
Any kind of pastries makes good gifts, especially where you have children.

• Footwears
Everyone appreciates good footwear. From slippers to shoes to slip-ons, a pair of footwear is always a thoughtful Easter gift.

Nigeria is a great place to celebrate Easter. If you’re looking for the best destination to commemorate the Resurrection, consider spending your Easter in Nigeria. There is always a lot of fun and love everywhere.

Resource: BBC.com

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