9 Fun Learning Activities To Engage Your Preschooler

9 Fun Learning Activities To Engage Your Preschooler

From alphabet to math to science, sensory and more, these educational activities for preschoolers will make learning a fun and hands-on experience.

When it comes to planning playful learning activities for preschoolers, no one size fits all! Preschoolers are naturally inquisitive and curious. They are dying to explore and find out answers in all areas of science learning. Preschool teachers and parents, like yourself, need to have learning activities lined up. They must be fun and easy for your preschooler to understand. Since many of them are not yet reading, it gives them the opportunity to spend some time playing!

Your time is limited, so it’s important that your kid's preschool activities for the school year are easy to set-up. They must also provide valuable learning experiences for the youngest students. Here are some playful learning activities for preschoolers to use all year long!

Fun Learning Activities:

Alphabet Knock Down

9 Fun Learning Activities To Engage Your Preschooler

This is a fantastic letter recognition game. It's especially recommended for kids who love knocking things over. The preparation is minimal and only requires a pool noodle, some popsicle sticks and letter stickers. Once you’ve made the letters stand on their pool noodle feet, give your child a ball. Next, call out a letter and see if he can knock it down!

Connect-the-dots With Letters

9 Fun Learning Activities To Engage Your Preschooler

This is another interesting letter familiarity activity that will get your little ones moving and their creative juices flowing. Good old connect-the-dots gets revamped when you write a handful of repeating letters in random patterns down a length of butcher’s paper. Kids can connect the letters in any way they like, so long as all of the G’s are connected to the other G’s, and so on.

Feather Tip Salt Tray Writing

9 Fun Learning Activities To Engage Your Preschooler

The title of this activity explains it all. The preschoolers get to write (letters, numbers or whole words) in their own tray of salt with a feather tip! Fantastic for motor skill development, this sensory writing experience will disguise writing practice as playtime. Be sure to give your kids some time to explore the salt tray before their task to minimize confusion.

Sorting Number Stickers

9 Fun Learning Activities To Engage Your Preschooler

It doesn’t get much simpler than this activity. Draw a grid on a piece of paper and place a number in each box. Provide your kids with a sheet of number stickers and let them move the numbers into the box with the matching number. After all of the numbers are used up, encourage them to write each number themselves in the corresponding box.

Recycled Scrabble Play

9 Fun Learning Activities To Engage Your Preschooler

Old scrabble games are the perfect literacy tool to play with. The Kids Creative Chaos blog recommends arranging the letters to form rhyming words with children who are interested, and allowing everyone to play with the tiles as they like. Even if the kids wind up building houses out of the scrabble letters, they are still seeing the letters and establishing familiarity.

Children’s Book in a Bottle

9 Fun Learning Activities To Engage Your Preschooler

Story-time has a hands-on element with this discovery bottles activity. You can throw this one together in an afternoon as a kinesthetic addition to your kids’ favorite stories. Have the kids pass the bottle around while you read them a story. The bottles keep them calm while engaging more of their attention in the story.

Crocodile Circle

9 Fun Learning Activities To Engage Your Preschooler

Picture a bin with a crocodile face on top, filled with letters and surprise cards. The preschoolers pass the crocodile around the circle chanting Crocodile, crocodile down by lake, I’m going to reach right in and see what letter you ate. At the end of the song, the student holding the crocodile then pulls a letter and calls it out. Extra surprise cards can let you repeat a turn, reverse directions or anything else you want to include.

Number Match-Slap Game

9 Fun Learning Activities To Engage Your Preschooler

A deck of cards and some duct tape can transform any wall into a correspondence and number recognition system. This fun learning activity is for preschoolers to ‘slap’ a pre-taped card to its matching card on the wall. This one could even turn into a scavenger hunt with cards taped on surfaces throughout the room.

We all know little ones love to play. So why not take leverage that playtime for learning? This list of educational activities for preschoolers is a great start for introducing youngsters to letters and setting the stage for lifelong learning!

Create Line Design Prints

9 Fun Learning Activities To Engage Your Preschooler

Line designs can be straight, curvy, zigzagged, or wavy. Teach your child how to create lots and lots of line designs by wrapping string around wooden blocks, and using them to create line-filled prints. Your young child can press the wrapped blocks onto plates filled with various colors of tempera paints. Challenge him to fill an entire paper with lines!

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