Effects Of Teenage Pregnancy On Education: A Teenage Mom's Story

Effects Of Teenage Pregnancy On Education: A Teenage Mom's Story

Despite the effects of teenage pregnancy on education, this mum who had a baby at 14 worked hard to graduate from University.

One of the significant effects of teenage pregnancy is on the education of the mother. Most times, the teenager would have to stop school or drop out altogether. 14-year-old Racheal had to leave school after she got pregnant, but she was still determined to complete her education.

Effects of teenage pregnancy on education: A teenage mum's struggle to get an education

mum asked to leave school after pregnancy at 14 graduates uni holding daughter’s hand

At 14, Rachael Campey left school months after discovering she was pregnant because the school was unable to support her. Amazingly, she refused to let having a baby end her dreams, displaying a great show of never giving up. Rachael worked her way up from York College to university, but it sure wasn't easy. She almost dropped out of university after suffering at the hands of bullies. 

rachel campey with daughter, Lily rose

Rachael admits that she was struggling with her mental health, but if she hadn't had her daughter, Lily-Rose with her, she wouldn't have made it. Her daughter changed her whole perception. She was on a very dark path before she had Lily-Rose, and she brightened it all up. Recalling moments when she would cry, saying ‘This is such a mess, why have I put myself in this situation?’ However, the whole environment at Leeds Trinity was amazing and supportive.

Graduating amidst struggles

A Teenage Mum's Story

For her hard work and never-give-up attitude, she got a nomination for a 2020 Yorkshire Award. And the mum-of-one has a word or two for other young parents out there. “If you’re a young parent and you’ve suffered from mental health issues, it doesn’t mean the end of your goals. You can still work towards them whenever you’re ready,” she said.

Teenage Pregnancies In Africa

While Rachael's story is an example of courage and determination in the face of teenage pregnancy, it also shows how difficult handling a teenage pregnancy can be. Even if a young mother manages to remain in school, she has to juggle a lot at the same time. She has to focus on caring for the baby, going to school, studying, and sometimes even working to earn money so she can take care of her baby. In the end, the young mum may trade in her education for any kind of work, and then end up not earning enough to give her child a good future.

In Nigeria, getting pregnant as a teenager signifies the end of a young girl's dream. This is because it is considered to be a shame on the family. Also, the girl may be forced into marrying the father of her baby or face being an outcast. However, there are also factors that lead to teenage pregnancy like poverty and provide them with help. One mistake should not drastically change the course of someone's life.

4 Organisations that aid teenage mums in Africa

Thankfully, there have been campaigns and organisations are doing what they can to encourage teenage girls to continue with their education after childbirth.

  • Girls Not Brides

The Girls Not Brides is a global partnership of more than 1300 civil society organisations committed to ending child marriage and enabling girls to fulfil their potential. They share the conviction that every girl has the right to lead the life that she chooses. As a result, ending child marriage will allow us to achieve a safer, healthier and more prosperous future for all.

  • Aid For Africa

This organisation is committed to empowering children, families and communities in Sub-saharan Africa. Though they are based in the U.S, they partner with N.G.O's in Africa to help communities.

  • Save The Children

This organisation helps children, the most vulnerable in society. They focus on health and nutrition, education, hunger and livelihoods, child rights governance and child protection.

  • HOPE for teenage mothers

HOPE for Teenage Mothers provides access to education for teen mothers in Kenya. This gives them the opportunity to return back to school. In addition, they address their social and emotional learning needs which prepares them to function as independent parents.


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