Everything you need to know about Emilia Philips Nouah

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The name Emilia Philips Nouah probably doesn’t ring any bells, and that’s because Ramsey Nouah and his wife live pretty low-key lives. You will hardly find anything about the Nouah family on social media. The family prides itself on living a normal life away from the glare of the limelight.

Everything you need to know about Emilia Philips Nouah

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But, really, who is Emilia Philips Nouah and how has she managed to stay out of the spotlight for so long?

Who is Ramsey Nouah?

Before we delve into uncovering the mystery that is Mrs. Nouah, we have to first of all talk about her husband. Mr. Nouah is the Nollywood heartthrob we all know and love. He is perhaps Nigeria’s most popular onscreen lover boy. Our favourite actor has come a long way from being a barber to becoming a struggling recording artist and finally ending up as one of the most popular Nigerian actors of all time.

The light-skinned actor is of Nigerian and Isreali heritage. Nouah grew up in Lagos and attended the University of Lagos, where he bagged a degree in Mass Communications. He first burst onto the big screen in the early nineties with a role in the TV show Fortunes, and ever since then, he has captured the hearts of Nollywood fans all over the world.

He has featured in hundreds of movies, the most popular of which are My Love, 30 Days in Atlanta, The Battle of Love, The Figurine, True Love, Silent Night, and Gbomo Gbomo Express.

Ramsey Nouah’s Awards

The multi award-winning actor has received the highest acting honours to include The Africa Movie Academy Awards and a host of other acting accolades.

Who is Ramsey Nouah’s wife Emilia Philips Nouah?

Unlike other celebrity spouses, you could walk right by Ramsey Nouah’s wife without knowing who she is. The reason is because theirs is not a marriage that makes it to the pages of gossip blogs and magazines. Most times we hear about her when her husband grants some interview and praises her for her immense support.

Emilia Philips Nouah has been married to actor Ramsey Nouah for 18 years. In a recent interview, this is what her husband said about her:

“My wife believes in keeping our marriage and holding things down.
So, whenever people ask me how we have lasted this long, my reply is: my wife is the glue that has held our home together.”
The couple has three children.

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