The tragic story of Emmanuel Balogun’s death

The tragic story of Emmanuel Balogun’s death

If you have been on social media this past weekend, you would have heard of Emmanuel Balogun’s untimely death. He reportedly drowned in a swimming pool during a party.

Emmanuel was a fresher in the University of Abuja. According to online reports, he died at a party for first-year students at the Dome Hotel in Abuja. The deceased attended the party with his friends. He is even said to have paid the party entry fees for his friends. He was also responsible for their refreshments.

So, what went wrong?

According to Facebook user Mystik Biu, Emmanuel Balogun began to struggle in the pool but his friends, who were also inside the pool, stood around and watched him until he drowned. Then the friends were said to climb out of the pool and make away with the deceased’s belongings to include his cellphone, some cash from his trousers, and his shoes.

Alerting his parents

Balogun’s parents got a call the following Monday alerting them that their son was missing from class. They made their way down to the hostel and found him missing. Upon learning about the party for freshers at the hotel, his parents drove down there and heard about the drowning. His parents were referred to the police by the hotel management.

The involvement of the police

The police took Emmanuel Balogun’s parents to the mortuary, where they found and identified his remains. Mystik Biu, the Facebook user who broke the story, allegedly went to the hotel with an uncle of the deceased to watch the CCTV footage from the incident.

As of the time of this report, the friends are still in police custody along with some staff of the hotel. One of the friends has confessed that he wanted to save the victim but the other friends told him to keep quiet. Their reason was that they thought the deceased was rich and proud and all the girls wanted him, so he deserved what was happening to him.

Emmanuel Balogun has already been interred. His friends are still in police custody.

The Facebook user concluded her story by warning members of the public to be careful with people they made friends with.

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Julie Adeboye