These are safe exercises for you in your pregnancy third trimester

These are safe exercises for you in your pregnancy third trimester

Exercises in pregnancy prepare you for the process of delivery. Here are exercises in pregnancy third trimester that will help prepare you.

The most important reason for exercising during your third trimester is to help your muscles prepare for childbirth. Without those exercises, your muscles will remain weak since they’ve been doing the work of accommodating the baby since conception. We bring you exercises in pregnancy third trimester that will help prepare you for an easier delivery.

Exercises in pregnancy third trimester

The following are exercises you can do to prepare for delivery during your third trimester.

  • Squats
squatting exercises for pregnant women

The right and wrong way to squat

You can already picture this exercise just by the name. Squats can be done right from the beginning of your pregnancy up until the last trimester when delivery is just around the corner. Even doctors may ask you to do a few squats to move the baby lower to enable an easier delivery. To carry out this exercise, grab the back of a chair to give yourself some steadiness during the exercise. Go down as gently as your body allows while holding onto the chair, then make sure your feet are on tiptoe.

Also, it will be great if the back of your thighs can touch the back of your calves, but it’s also fine if you don’t get that far. Stay in that position for at least ten seconds and then go back up slowly. You can do the up and down for at least five times, but if you’re feeling pain in your pelvic area discontinue the exercise.

  • Pool exercises

pool exercises for pregnant women

The thing with exercising in water is that the water makes your body light, easing the pressure off your joints. Also, the water affords you the chance and freedom to do exercises like the back float and scissor leg stretch, which you may not be able to do on land. To do a back float, lie back with your legs up and your arms stretched sideways to enable you to float. Breathe deeply and unwind for a few minutes as you float.

To do the scissor leg stretch, stand with your back against the back of the pool and stretch your hands sideways and let them get a grip on the wall. Then bring your legs up to try and form letter L, before spreading them wide apart to form letter V. Essentially, the first exercise helps you relax while the second strengthens the muscles in your inner thigh and lower back.

  • Cat-Cow Pose

cat-cow pose for pregnancy third trimester

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Like the squat exercise, the cat-cow pose can be gently used to move your baby to a position where it is easier to deliver. Another good thing about this particular exercise is that it provides relief for lower back pain. To perform this exercise, position a floor mat because this one requires your hands and knees. Kneel and put both your arms in front of you with your face looking down. Afterwards, arch your back like a cat as you exhale, pulling your belly up. Then keep this position for a few seconds and then return to your normal position. Repeat for at least five times.

  • Pelvic floor exercises

pelvic Exercises In Pregnancy Third Trimester

Your pelvic muscles are very important during pregnancy. This is because the muscles play a part in carrying the baby in your womb while supporting organs like the uterus, vagina, and bladder. As the baby in your womb grows, those muscles stretch. This is where exercises like rapid contractions and slow holds come in. To do rapid contraptions, try contracting the muscles around your pelvic forcefully and quickly before relaxing again. You can start by repeating the exercise ten times and add more as you go.

  • Stair climbing and walking

stair climbing and walking

Don’t worry if the other exercises seem a bit hard for you, because here’s one you can be able to do. There isn’t much involved in walking and this can be done throughout your pregnancy until delivery. Just get yourself a pair of soft, comfortable, and weightless shoes that will allow you to take walks easily. You can do the walk in the park, on the sidewalk, or even inside your compound. Also, climbing the stairs is good for your lower body, but make sure the stairs have railings you can hold on to for support.

How to exercise safely

how to exercise safely

  • Wear loose-fitting and comfortable clothes during exercise.
  • Wear shoes designed for the exercise you’re doing so that you don’t injure yourself.
  • Drink plenty of water before, during, and after exercising.
  • Get up slowly to prevent dizziness
  • Don’t exercise when the humidity is high and don’t let yourself overheat.
  • Don’t exercise to the point where you are exhausted.
  • You should be able to talk while exercising. If you find out that you can’t talk while doing your exercises, slow down.
  • Discontinue the exercises if you feel any pain in your abdomen, chest, or pelvis.

As important as exercises are in your pregnancy third trimester, it is even more important to be safe. Therefore, make sure you stick to the above measures and exercise safely, and if you notice any bleeding, please see your doctor immediately!

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