Family friendly things to do in Lagos

Family friendly things to do in Lagos

Lagos is one of the most vibrant and exciting metropolitan city on the continent. There are countless possibilities for families to explore. But rather than publish a list of countless family friendly things to do in Lagos, we’ll stick to the top eight budget-friendly activities on our list.

family friendly things to do in Lagos

The memorable activities on our list are effective in increasing cohesion and love among families in Lagos. Whether you’re on a vacation or just trying to give the family a treat, you’ll thoroughly enjoy the activities on our list of family friendly things to do in Lagos.

Family friendly things to do in Lagos

1. Horse-riding at the beach

If your kids are old enough, they are most likely to enjoy horse-riding at any of the cleaner beaches in town. Tour experts recommend private beaches like the Oniru private Beach, Eleko beach and so on.

If your kids are scared to try horse-riding on their own, an adult can sit behind them. Not only will this make the child calmer, it will also make the ride safer for the child.

With its scenic destination, the beach will afford you the opportunity to inhale the sweet smells of the Atlantic Ocean. It’s healthy to take a break from the pollution of the inner city.

What’s more? Horse rides are reasonably-priced too. Prices range from N500 – N1,000.
While Oniru Beach is at the extreme of Ligali Ayorinde, Eleko beach is situated at 56km Lekki Expressway, Lagos.

2. Construct kites and go kite-flying

Most creative parents bond with their children while constructing home-made kites. Yes, it’s actually easy. Consult Google for ideas.

All you need to make a decent kite for your kids are:

Cardboard paper
Polyethene bag
Broom sticks
A long string or thread

So if you’re looking for exciting family friendly things to do in Lagos, you’ve got good old kite making and kite flying. Your heart will leap at the sight of your children running outside, clutching their kites and screaming for joy.

3. Go swimming at Lekki Leisure Lake

Swimming is one classic sport that will never go out of style. And the Lekki Leisure Lake offers plenty of swimming pools for jet skiing, quad biking and boat riding. At the end of the exercise, the family can gather around the table to eat and drink in the cafeteria of this lake side resort, this holiday destination offers visitors the opportunity to enjoy the view of the Atlantic Ocean.

This resort is situated on the left side of the second roundabout in Lekki Phase One. The exact address is Okunde Blue Water Tourism Scheme, Lekki, Lagos.

4. Learn more about arts and crafts at Terra Kulture

Some children will hear about Terra Kulture, but never have a chance to visit this educational and recreational center.

Treat your entire family to a noon of arts and crafts immersion. You’ll thoroughly enjoy the entertainment and cultural education available. Enlighten the kids by taking them to the bookstores there. Visit the library too.
Visit Terra Kulture at 1376 Tiamiyu Savage St, Victoria Island, Lagos

5. Get sporty at fun turf

Physical education is essential to the growth and development of the child. Again, physical exercise boosts the health and wellbeing of adults.

Fun Turf International offers families fantastic opportunities to play 5 a-side on its Astroturf football pitches. If yours is a family of football enthusiasts, consider taking advantage of the safe sports arena at fun turf. There’s plenty of space for kids to race and even slide.

Fun Turf is situated at Block 10, Plot 4, Admiralty Way, Lekki Phase 1, Lekki, Lagos.

family friendlly things to do in Lagos

6. Watch Box Office Movies at Silverbird Galleria

It is impossible to write a list of fun family friendly things to do in Lagos without mentioning movie-watching at Silverbird (cinema) galleria. If you’re looking for an upbeat activity, then perhaps you buy tickets for your family. Very few activities beat the opportunity to enjoy the most exciting box office movies in Lagos.

Silverbird cinemas are located in:

• 133 Ahmadu Bello Way, Victoria Island, Lagos
• Ikeja City Mall: 174 / 194, Obafemi Awolowo Way, Alausa, Ikeja, Lagos State.
• Festival Mall, FESTAC: Golden Tulip, FESTAC Town, Amuwo Odofin

7. Visit the orphanage and donate old books, clothes and toys.

Trips to the orphanage offer children and adults the opportunities to give alms, show love and count their blessings.

To get your kids involved, encourage them to bag all their old clothes, books and toys. At the orphanage, encourage each child to hand over his or her own package. Not only will this keep the engaged, it will also give them a lesson in generosity, gratitude and empathy.

Choose any of the orphanages in Lagos state. Alternatively, you can choose one that has fewer visitors.

8. Draw, trace and color

Children love the creative arts. Buy them coloring books and encourage them to color the pictures. You can teach them how to draw and trace, if they don’t know how. According to experts, parents and kids bond during creative projects.

Materials you’ll need for drawing and coloring projects:

• Coloring books
• Crayons
• Paper
• Pencil
• Eraser and sharpener

Final thoughts on family friendly things to do in Lagos
So that’s it. You have a list of 8 family friendly things to do in Lagos, It’s time to give your family the adventure of a life time.

Resource: Britannica 

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