Which Family Values Do I Teach My Kids In Nigeria?

Which Family Values Do I Teach My Kids In Nigeria?

Nurturing is such an important aspect of parenting. This is because family values which a child has been raised with are usually tough to abandon. In Nigeria, there are certain family values which are necessary to instil in your children.

Nigeria has its problems like every other country in the world. And as the country tries to combat corruption and instill higher values, the family is a good place to start. It is the breeding ground of the same children who become leaders or members of society. Knowing the family values to teach kids in Nigeria can contribute to making the nation great.


As the popular saying goes, “Charity begins at home.” And in the words of Sidney Newton Bremer, “The minds of little children operate somewhat like the copying machines in our offices. They constantly record and try to perpetuate every thought or suggestions to which they are exposed.”


Five good family values in Nigeria to teach kids


Family is the bedrock of society. So families need to give the children a good start and constant reminders until they are assimilated.


  1. Honesty

Honesty: Family values

As mentioned before, children are like copy machines. While you're telling them as a parent, to be honest, they need to see you practising it with them and everyday people. They won't take you seriously if you are telling them one thing and then shirking away from being honest when you need to be. It would even be more beneficial than the other way around if you live by honesty and don't say it to them much.


  1. Hard work


Teach your kids that hardworking payFamily values to teach kids in Nigerias. Teach them that whatever it is they aspire to is possible. And if they work hard enough and be patient they'll get there. Remind them always that there are no short cuts and no cutting corners in life. And as a parent you're should never help your kids cut corners. Don't pay off their teachers for grades. Don't “help” them in their promotional examinations.


  1. A Sense of responsibility


Let them know that they will make mistakes at some point. Sometimes, your children will exhibit bad behaviour. They will suck at something. Also, they will disappoint somebody. But they should learn to take responsibility and not to blame others for their misfortunes. Be easy on others and harder on themselves.


  1. Empathy


Parents can teach their kids to be empathetic only when they are capable of showing empathy. This is something your kids need to see and pick up from you. It could be little random acts of kindness, philanthropy, and commiseration. Let them understand that the world is cold already and it needs people to bring more warmth to it.


  1. Teach them to define their own life

Teach them to define their own lives: Family values to teach kids in Nigeria

The world is a place spoilt with variety and everything is looking to have a piece of you. And it can sometimes put one on a single lane, and everybody is telling you that that is where you're supposed to go because that's where everyone is going. Teach them to be individuals with independent minds. Furthermore, to define where they want their life to go, what's important and what's not.


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Lydia Ume