Wetin Be FGM?

Wetin Be FGM?

Female Genital Mutilation na wen dem tamper with de sexual organ of woman. E nor get any health benefit and e get bad side effect for woman.

According to dem World Health Organization, dem describe FMG (Female Genital Mutilation) as any procedure wey dem do for female wey involve make dem comot small part or every part for de female genital organ. Sometimes dem dey call am female circumcision- a condition wey make people comot de female genitalia base on sey dem want to and not because of medical reason. Na female between infancy and 15 year dey face dis kain condition pass. For some other communities na wen woman don ripe for marriage dem dey do de female genital mutilation for dem.

Why People Dey Gree Do FGM Sef? 

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Many dey do Female Genital Mutilation because of wetin dem culture, religion or family want. Some culture even believe sey FGM na part of de proper way to take raise female pikin so she go dey faithful and responsible for her husband house. Dose people believe sey if dem do FGM for girls, dem no go dey get sexual desire all de time and dem no go fit dey unfaithful to de man wey go marry dem.

For some culture dem no even get reason to do am, dem just dey do am base on sey na so e be from de days of dem fore fathers, dem do am for deir mothers and deir mothers don do am for dem, and now dem wan pass on to dem pikin too. Nobody dey ask question wetin be Female Genital Mutilation and why dem dey do am, dey just follow de community do wetin dem dey do. 

In some communities, dem believe say some part for human sexual organ dey unclean, whether na male or female. So to make de pikin clean, dem dey cut de part comot from de body of dem male and female pikin. Na dem cultural tradition to make all pikin clean.

Types of FGM

Wetin Be FGM?

World Health Organization don group female genital mutilation into four groups:

  1. Clitoridectomy: dis one na wen dem remove small part or everitin wey dem dey call clitoris- na dis part dey make woman dey fell pleasure pass. Once dem don cut am comot dey woman no go dey fell pleasure as she suppose dey do. Dis type of FGM na de most common type and WHO data talk sey dem don perform dis kain tin on top over 200 million female wey dey alive presently.
  2. Excision: dis one dey happen wen dem remove some part or everitin wey dem dey call inner fold for female organ and dem either cut the clitoral glans join am or dem leave dat one.    
  3. Infibulation: wen dem try to make dey female vaginal opening narrow, and dem seal some part of de opening, den dem don perform infibulation on top de female. Dem fit cut and put de inner fold for woman opening for another part or dem fit use stiches take seal some part of de opening so e go dey smaller.
  4. Other types of procedure wey dem dey do like pricking, scraping or piercing de female genital without any medical reason.

Effect of FGM on Girl Pikin Dem

Wetin Be FGM?

De effect wey FGM fit get on girls fit be long term and e fit be short term.

Short term effect:

Excessive bleeding- most of de FGM procedure no dey happen for hospitals. Na quacks dey always do de cutting. From de cutting of de female parts, bleeding wey dem no go fit control fit start.

Severe pain- since na traditional procedure dem dey use cut, de pain go dey severe for de female.

Infections- de tools wey dem dey use na traditional tools like sharp metal objects, knives or blades. Sometimes dem dey use dis same tool on more dan one person and dem no dey sterilize am, dis go make am easy to take transfer infection from one person to another during de procedure. De woman fit get tetanus or even HIV.

Genital tissue swelling- de genital tissue fit swell after de procedure and e fit take time before e go heal.

Long term effect:

Urinary problem- de procedure fit lead to complication wey go cause urinary infection- tins wey dey affect de way de woman take dey piss. She fit dey experience pain wen she dey piss.

Sexual challenge- after de FGM de woman no go dey feel de same pleasure wey she been dey feel before. In some cases she fit dey experience pain during sex or make she no dey satisfied with pleasure. 

Vaginal problem- de female fit dey experience some discharge from her vagina after de FGM. Some ode effects for de vagina fit be itches or infections.  

Complication for childbirth- female wey don go through FGM fit get problem when she wan born her pikin. She fit also experience to much bleeding or make she go through operation before she go fit born.

WHO don pass resolution on how dem go take stop FGM. For dem to do dis,  dem don put up actions to take helep empower health sector, and create awareness wey go make people get de right information about FGM. Female genital mutilation no get any health benefits and de reason why many communities dey do am no dey really valid. As we don analyse de effect on top woman, e nor dey advisable to carry out FGM on any female.

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Written by

Tony S Abiodun