Maybe It's Time To Consider Getting A Female Urination Device

Maybe It's Time To Consider Getting A Female Urination Device

Are you going on a long road trip for Christmas or any other time? To avoid having to pee in unsanitary places, consider getting a female urination device.

If you have ever travelled Nigerian roads, you know the struggle of needing to pee during a road trip. Whether in public or private transit, it is usually a challenge for women. Unlike men, women can't just stand and pee without worrying that they might be exposing their backsides or peeing all over their feet.  However, a female urination device can make it easier for you.

With a driver hurrying you, you suddenly find yourself trying to make unsanitary decisions like squatting to pee in a bush or using a public toilet. This increases the possibility of exposing yourself to diseases or having urine splashed over you. Well, using a female urination device gives you a better option.

Female urination device (FUD)

female urination device

Female urination devices are also known as pee funnels. As the name suggests, the FUD is a funnel-shaped device that helps direct urine, allowing women to pee without squatting. However, the pee funnel isn't just useful for outdoor use. With your portable pee funnel, you don’t have to even come near the toilet seat of any restroom, let alone sit on one that dozens of other women have sat on.

How to use FUD

how to use a female urination device

Using FUD is quite simple, but might need a little practice before you start completely relying on it. When you first buy FUD, try to use it in your restroom at home so that you can familiarise yourself with it. To use the pee funnel, unzip your pants and pull down your underwear from the front side or move your panties to the side. Fix the funnel to your private part area, but make sure it is well centred so there wouldn't be a leak. Expectedly, there may be some delay with the coming of your pee at first but that should sort itself out. When you do start peeing comfortably, try to control the speed so that you don't fill up the funnel. Once you're through, rinse with a bit of water and keep for next use.

Why you should buy a pee funnel

Maybe It's Time To Consider Getting A Female Urination Device


If you're still hesitating or feel like this is all unusual, here are a few reasons why you should consider using the funnel.

  • It is comfortable

A female urination device is super convenient. This is because you don't have to put yourself through the stress of removing layers of clothing. All you require is a place to stand and your pee funnel goes to work. Furthermore, you don't have to buy a new pee funnel every time you use one. Most FUDs are reusable.

  • Weight and shape

Pee funnels are manufactured in different shapes and sizes. The funnel shape opens perfectly to collect your urine and direct it below without peeing all over yourself. Some female urination devices are made of silicon that allows them to fold for easy storage.

  • Cleanliness

Female urination device is made with a kind of material that urine bounces off of. This allows you to be able to clean the funnel and reuse it next time. However, make sure you dry or air it before putting it away.


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Lydia Ume