Six children die after school wall collapses and falls on them

Six children die after school wall collapses and falls on them

In Kampala, Uganda, the Deputy Police Spokesman, Luke Owoyesigire, has reported the death of six street children. The children, who were said to be sleeping in a storm drain close to a popular Ugandan school, died during a storm when the wall around the school collapsed and fell on them.

"Due to a heavy downpour part of the perimeter wall of the school gave way, collapsed on the kids, killing six of them on the spot and two were injured," Kampala's deputy police spokesman Luke Owoyesigire told AFP.

The tragedy

Six children died on the spot while two sustained serious injuries, the police told the members of the press.
While talking to AFP, Luke Owoyesigire confirmed that the incident happened on Monday after a heavy downpour. The children reportedly died after parts of the wall around the school perimeter fell during a storm.

"The police rescue team is on the scene to check if any person is buried under the debris," said the Police spokesman.
The Deputy Police Spokesman also said that the rescue team was on their way to make sure more people weren’t trapped under the debris. This is to make sure that the number of victims isn’t more than what is being reported in the press.

The street children, who had been sleeping in the storm drain for quite some time, have no known family. However, the police have confirmed that they are trying to locate the families of all the victims to let them know of the tragic event.

The Police Spokesman confirmed that this was not the first time people were losing their lives after heavy rains. He mentioned the case of a family of five who had died following the collapse of their mud and wattle house.

How to stay safe during a flood

According to the US Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), these are the steps you need to take during a flood:

  • Evacuate the area immediately the flood starts
  • Be careful not to step into the flood water, as it could lead to electrocution
  • Turn off power and electrical appliances
  • To avoid getting swept away, stay away from gutters and drains

Resources: FEMA

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