10 Interesting African Folktales And Tori For Shidren

10 Interesting African Folktales And Tori For Shidren

How tortoise manage break him shell? Di ansa dey inside one African folktale.

E get one African quote wen talk sey "If lion no talk him tori, hunter go talk am." Nothin dey more touching pass dat one. For our world today, we don too embrace efiri thing wen be oyibo. We no come get chance make our shidren sabi our own kulture, folktales and tori.

Jimi Solanke StoriLand and NTA Tales By Moon Light don turn histori. Meanwhile e no suppose be so. Na our responsibiliti as parents to teach our shidren African folktales, tori and songs; we need to tell dem di tori wen we hia wen we dey small.

We get plenti ethnic groups wen dey speak differnt language all ova Africa. I sure sey plenti folktales, tori and songs dey wen yur shidren go fit enjoy, make dem learn one or two things from dey. We don see 5 Africa folktales we fit share with dem.

5 African Folktales And Tori Yur Pikin Go Enjoy

Tortoise wen get fine Daughta

10 Interesting African Folktales And Tori For Shidren

Now efiri bodi don talk sey tortoise na di wisest among all di animals, and he get one daughta wen fine. Meanwhile, di king get one son wen dem dey call Ekpenyon, wen he give fifty young girls marry as wives but di prince talk sey he no like any of dem. Di king come vex, give law say make dem kill any girl and her parents wen fine pass all di prince wives wen catch di prince attention.

Di tortoise come go find way wen he fit keep him daughta alive, she come end up dey marry di prince.

Di King Crown
10 Interesting African Folktales And Tori For Shidren

Long time ago, Olorun, wen be god of di sky, send great chain from heaven go di ancient water. Olorun pikin, wen dem call Oduduwa use dis chain take climb down and he bring with am handful of sand, one special chicken wen get five toes and palm nut. He throway di sand on top di ancient water, and he come place di chicken dia. Dis chicken come scratch and scatta di whole sand till e turn to di first dry earth. Na for di centre of dis new world, Oduduwa come put di first beautiful Ife Kingdom. He plant di palm nut wen come grow to one proud tree wen get 16 branches. Dese branches so, come represent oduduwa shidren and grand shidren.

Oduduwa na di first ruler of di kingdom and he be di papa of all Yoruba pipo. As time dey go, he crown him 16 sons and grand sons, come tell dem make dem go get dia own Yoruba Kingdoms. Becos dem be descendants of sky god, dese first Yoruba rulers and dia descendants come be divine kings. Na onli dem fit wia special crown wen get veil wen dey symbolize dia sacred power.

African Folktales Still Kontinu

Di Elephant Tusk Of Benin

For 16th centuri, di Oba of Benin die without any sons, so di kingdom of Benin wen been dey powerful come enta problem for centuries. Different kings try to rule but all dem fail to hold di kingdom togeda. Some chiefs wen rebel try to take ova di kingdom. Den one wise Oba come restore peace to di kingdom and he make plenti enemi.

Iyase n'Ode (ee-YAH-say en Oh-day), one of di chiefs wen dey ambitious, wen come be one of di Oba militari commanda come go rebel against di king. Dis evil chief wen still dey make trouble, go take sides with di jealous broda of di next ruler, Oba Akenzua.

Iyase n'Ode dey powerful becos he fit turn himsef to elephant . E come take wisdom of anoda militari commanda , Ezomo Ehenua to fit defeat Iyase n'Ode. To honour am, Oba Akenzua ! come make di title 0f ezomo, (palace chief) dey hereditari. Today, all di ezomo for Benin dey trace dia heritage to hero Ezomo Ehenua wen be dia historical hero.

Why  Cheetah Cheeks Dey Stained (Traditional Zulu tori)

Long time ago, e get one wicked and lazy hunta wen dey always siddon unda one tree.He believe sey di weatha too hot for am to dey find animal inside bush. E get one fat springbok wen come chop for di grassi veld wen dey nia am. But becos dis hunter lazy, he no just boda himsef. He come dey wish sey he fit get di meat without any work, wen he notice sudden movement for left of di buck.

Na one female cheetah wen come outside hunt for food. As she dey near di herd, she don single out one springbok wen separate from di rest. With full speed, di cheetah jump on top di springbok. All di odas come run as di cheetah kill her prey.

Di hunter come decide to steal di cheetah three cubs, so he fit train dem to hunt for am. Wen di cheetah mummy see sey her cubs dey miss, she start to dey cry. Na dose tears dey stain cheetah face till today.

Why Di Sun And Moon Dey Live For Sky


Dis na betta tori from Eastern Nigeria wen dey tell tori of friendship between sun and moon wen dey stay for land and di sea.

Many years ago, di sun and water na veri good friends wen dey stay earth togeda. Di sun dey always go visit di water, meanwhile di water neva visit di sun once. One day, di sun come ask why water no wan visit am. Water come tell am say na becos sun house no high reach, and if he come with him pipo, sun no go get wia stay.

Water come talk sey if yu want make I visit yu, yu must get veri large compound as my pipo plenti and dem dey take plenti space. Di sun come gree, but wen water come, e come ova flow di roof top. Na wetin make di sun and moon come go sky, and na dia dem dey since.


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