COVID-19: How To Do Food Shopping For Quarantine

COVID-19: How To Do Food Shopping For Quarantine

Africa is yet to be hit hard by the coronavirus, but there's nothing wrong with being ready, just in case.

Inside Africa,plenti things no dey happen wen e reach coronavirus. Italian Medical Chief don die,and plenti oda pipo sef, d way wen new cases dey rise dey put fear for pipo bodi. For America, dem don quarantine one celebrity actor and him wife. All schools don close down and experts dem sey more dey still come. World Health Organisation recentli talk sey Coronavirus(COVID-19) na pandemic; make efiri bodi prepare for lockdown. Things wen dey involved for dis preparation na make yu go buy food wen go last yu for long put for house. Becos yu go wan avoid di crowd wen dey market, make yu think about how yu wan take buy grocery for person wen dey quarantine di way wen yu go take preserve food.

As Italy don talk sey di whole nation must dey lockdown make dem for fit control di way wen dis virus take dey spread, oda countries fit follow do dia own. Na dis one be di reason why yu need to start to do shopping for person wen dey quarantine. Make yu see some kine tips wen yu fit use take buy and preserve food.

How To Plan To Do Food Shopping For Quarantine

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Check di things wen yu no get for yur house.

Which kine food stuff yu get and how e take plenti reach? If na wetin dey veri important wen yu dey eat, make sure sey yu buy plenti wen go last yu and yur famili reach one month. Before yu get up sey yu wan go buy things, write list of wetin yu go need. Once yu don use eye take gauge how long di things wen dey yur freezer and pantry go last, yu go sabi wetin yu need and how mani yu need to buy. Na dat time yu fit start to buy.

Yu go need foodstuff wen dey regular: rice, beans, yams, plantains, cereals and oats. Na dem be wetin yu fit use take build yur food plan, as dem no dey quick spoil.  Wen yu wan buy plantain, make sure sey na di one wen no ripe na im yu go buy , as na dem dey nourish yur bodi and dey healthy. Dem go last long as dem don dey ripe.

Create meal plan wen yu go use for two weeks
grocry shopping for a quarantine


Di thing wen dey smart wen yu fit do na make yu make sure sey all di fod wen yu wan cook get common ingredients. Dat way, if yu cook big pot of stew, yu fit use am take chop bread/yam for breakfast, eba and okro for aftanoon and rice for evening. And yes, yu must get soup for yur freezer. Once yu don get soup and stew for freezer, di onli thing wen yu go need to do na to boil wetin yu fit use take chop am and before yu sabi wetin dey happen, fiam, food don readi. See example of  nutritious  meal plan wen yur famili fit chop for naija. No forget to add protein and vegetable for yur food. Weda Coronavirus dey or not, e good make we chop food wen dey healthy.
Another smart thing wen yu fit do if yu dey cook na to make plenti wen fit last yu reach 3 different meals, den yu keep d remainda for freezer make yu fit chop anoda day. Na by like dis yu go fit reduce di time wen yu go spend for kitchen di next time wen yu cook. If yu dey do so efiri time, yu go see sey something go always dey wen yu fit warm from freezer wen go fit make food wen yur full famili fit enjoy.

Wen  yu dey go do food shopping for quarantine, yur freezer na yur best friend. Even di sun follow join.

food shopping for quarantine

Shey yu notice di wen di oda tip talk about yur freezer? Di thing be sey e go save yu di headache of wia to put efiri thing. For example, vegetables and fruits wen fit quick spoil go last well well for freezer. Imagine sey yu put ugwu wen yu fit use take cook plenti soup wen go last yu pass one month inside freezer. Shey yu sabi sey yu fit keep liquid milik inside freezer make e block for am to fit stay tey? But for dis kine matta, e dey betta if yu just buy powda milik.

But make we put paly for one corna, shebi we sabi sey no to efiri bodi get dat kine money to use take buy freezer? Sometimes yu fit no even get light so tey yu go even forget sey freezer dey di house.  If we look am well well, we go see sey moda nature dey kind to us well well. Yu fit use sun take preserve yur meat, fish and even yur green vegetable sef. Fish and meat wn dem use fire /sun take dry dey last well well, same thing as ugwu wen dem dey. Time don reach make we take advantage of dis hot sun before rain go start again.

To smoke fish or meat ontop fire wood na one of di best way wen yu fit use take preserve dem. E fit take time but yu fit sure sey yur meat and fish go last wella.

Oda Useful Tips Wen Yu Need To Take Survive Quarantine


  • Buy plenti film and book
  • If yu dey work for office, try make yu work from house instead
  • Avoid place wen get plenti pipo, like churches, mosques, and markets
  • Make sure sey yu get plenti water for house
  • Buy plenti food wen dey inside can.
  • Buy enuf hygienic things like toilet roll, soap, hand sanitizers, etc
  • If yu dey take any kine drugs, make sure sey yu get enuf supply wen go last yu pass 30 days.
  • Yur first aid box must dey full with things wen yu go need for emergenci.
  • Do yur exercise
  • Make sure sey yur house dey clean.

Sha know sey quarantine no be Jesus second coming and di society no go destroy finish. Light, gas and phones go still dey work. So yu no need to gada fook, fuel. or money keep. So just relax, write yur list and make yu dey sensible wen yu dey buy grocery for person wen dey quarantine.

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