Di Perfect Food Timetable For Adult Wen Dey Naija

Di Perfect Food Timetable For Adult Wen Dey Naija

With di way wen plenti wives still dey work from house, na still di same routine dem dey keep. Na im make us do dis Naija food time-table make e for dey easi for yu.

E dey hard sey yu must think of wetin to cook for efiri body wen dey house efiri single day. E come hard pass wen na with budget wen dey limited yu go do am, and na so e take be for most homes inside naija.  Howeva, If yu look di food time-table for adult wen we put togeda, to select food wen yu fit  cook wen dey within budget no suppose give yu headache again.

nigerian food timetable for adults

Food Time-table For Adults Inside Naija

See di food time-table for adult wen get different kine food unda hia:

Days Breakfast Lunch Dinner
Mon Oats+Milk + Chips (Banana) Jollof rice (or pasta) + moimoi + vegetable salad Unripe plantain porridge with vegetables + pawpaw (as dessert)
Tues Boiled sweet or Irish potatoes + egg stew = cucumber Unripe plantains + beans porridge with vegetables Spaghetti + Curry Sauce + Prawns
Wed Salad with pancakes + Milk/Yoghurt Pounded Yam + Ewedu Soup + Meat Potato Frittata + Spinach
Thurs Toast bread + omelettes + coconut milk (or dairy milk) + avocado Spaghetti + Meatballs in tomato Sauce + Steamed Veggies Yam Slices + Carrot Soup + Vegetables + Beef
Fri Akara or Moimoi + Akamu Semo + okra soup + cucumbers Pepper soup


Sat Yamarita/Boiled Yam/Boiled Potatoes + Fish Sauce/Vegetable Stew Beans Porridge + Dry Fish + Watermelon Boiled plantains + egg and tomato gravy sauce + mangoes or oranges (for dessert)
Sun Bread + Egg Sauce + Tea/Green Tea Boiled rice + beans + fish or meat-seasoned tomato stew + steamed vegetables Vegetable soup + oats swallow. Watermelons and pineapples (for dessert)


How I fit maintain wen I use di time-table?

black couple cooking(food time-table for adult)

To feed yursef and yur famili no be something wen dey easi, and e get so much wen time-table fit do as pipo don dey tire afta some days. Sometimes, na becos e hard to make dese food from beginning efiri oda day. Di trick na to masta di time-table den buy plenti food wen yu fit store. For instance, yu fit buy plenti tomatoes, grind, cook and den put am for freeza so yu no go dey worri yursef once yu need tomatoes wen dem don blend. Yu fit even wash beans, dry and, den turn am to powda wen yu fit dey use take do Akara for morning.

nigerian food timetable for adults

Yu fit use di same logic for soup wen dey hard to cook. Use yur time-table take cook soup down for weekend, so dat wen yu need am, yu go just bring am from freeza. Once yu don cook most of di food down, e no need plenti time to make food as yu dey follow di time-table. E go save yu plenti time and energi.

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Source: 1qfoodplatter

Written By Lydia Ume

Translated By Anino Aganbi

Written by

Anino Aganbi