8 foods that will help your kid gain healthy weight.

8 foods that will help your kid gain healthy weight.

Children can be picky eaters sometimes. This adversely affects their weight. Parents who are concerned can serve these foods to help them gain weight in a healthy way.

Parenting comes with a lot of fuss. It is a time in a parent's life when finding a balance that works becomes something of a necessity. One of the trickiest balance to perfect is nutrition. Parents sometimes look at their kids and wonder if they are getting nutrition right, especially when the kids look a tad too skinny for their comfort. There are foods that help kids gain weight in a healthy way.

Here are foods that help kids gain weight in a healthy way.

Though parents would like their skinny kids to put on more weight, they are wary of feeding them junk food. Because it is unhealthy and could easily lead to obesity. The struggle to pick out which foods are healthy and can bring on more weight can be especially difficult.

If you are looking to add weight in your kids with healthy foods, below is an array of foods that even the picky ones can't altogether resist.



8 foods that will help your kid gain healthy weight. 

This is a favorite among children. It can be cooked and served mashed up or fried with your child's favorite seasoning. It can either be Irish or Sweet Potatoes. Sweet Potatoes can be chopped into small cuts and fried until crunchy. Potatoes are quite healthy, boasting a rich supply of amino acids and carbohydrates, which helps in gaining weight.



Banana foot to help kids get fat

Bananas are easily accessible anywhere in Nigeria. They are packed with carbohydrates that can help your kids gain weight! Bananas can be eaten straight or blended into smoothies. Simple and easy!


Milk for weight gain

Milk is good for the bones. It contains calcium, fats and other vitamins that helps the bones. For all its goodness, though, some kids are lactose intolerant. If this is your kid please stick with other foods instead.



honey weight gain food

Though unadulterated honey is a bit expensive and hard to come by in Nigeria, it can do wonders for your kid's weight gain. Honey is a natural sweetener. You can use honey in place of sugar and the child may not even notice. It is composed of water and mostly carbohydrates.



Oat meal for kids

Oatmeal has a high concentration of carbohydrates and they are super-rich in fibre. They stay longer in the stomach because the carbohydrate burns more slowly. You can simply walk into most retail provision stores in Nigeria and ask for Goodmorning Oats!



eggs for kids weight gain

Most kids love this one! Eggs boast of healthy fats and are considered the highest source of protein. There is no shortage of ways to serve eggs. They can be served boiled or as omelets. They can also be used in pancakes and sauces your kids love.



Chicken weight kids

For a lot of kids in Nigeria, this is Christmas. Children work themselves into a frenzy at the mere sight of a slaughtered chicken. There are very few children that turn chicken down. It is a rich source of protein and phosphorous. These nutrients provide essential support to the nervous system, teeth, and bones. Also, it is a food with high-calorie that can aid weight gain.



Beans foods that help kids gain weight

This is a tricky one. Children don't always fancy beans. But if you happen to have a child that does, thank your stars. Beans are rich in protein and have high calories, and can be served as porridge or stew.


There are kids who are naturally skinny. But, if your kid's weight is because of not eating, you can incorporate some of these meals into your food time table. These foods that will help your kids gain weight are not just nutritious, they are also tasty.

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Lydia Ume