Flight forced to go back after departure to collect a forgotten baby!

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A real life 'HOME ALONE' incident occurred recently, when a mother's worst nightmare came true. This forgotten baby syndrome episode costed an airline time, money and some panic.

King Abdulaziz International Airport must have faced one of the most unique requests for landing a flight that had just taken off. According to Gulf News, the passenger suddenly realised that she left her newborn at the departure gate only after the Saudi Arabian flight had taken off from Jeddah to go to Kuala Lumpur.

Here's a recording at the station where they received the Pilot's request to land again to pick up the baby.

The mother was then united with her baby. But this makes us wonder, what is a forgotten baby syndrome and can it happen to you?

Forgotten baby syndrome-Why it happens?

“Forgotten Baby Syndrome” (FBS) is when a parent of caregiver accidentally leaves their baby or young child in the car, often leading to a tragic ending.

The term was coined by Dr David Diamond, a neuroscientist and professor with the University of South Florida, who has done extensive research into the mental process of how someone’s brain could ever allow them to commit such a grave act.

According to Dr Diamond, FBS involves two systems in our brains:

Habit Memory, which is when we do certain actions on daily basis so they have become second nature to us, such as putting on our shoes before we leave the house and locking the front door.

Prospective Memory, which is when we have to prepare for a specific act out of our day-to-day routine, such as stopping by the pump station after work to top up petrol.

But our habit memories can easily take over our prospective memories and create a false memory of actually completing the task we had planned — in other words, we simply forget certain things that need to be done because they are out of the norm from our daily routine.

If you are not the one who usually drops off or picks up your little one from childcare, or it is simply out of your normal routine to have your kid in the car with you, this is when Forgotten Baby Syndrome may strike.

It may even happen to primary caregivers when they simply have too much on their mind which leads to a lapse of memory.

An act of forgetfulness

Dr Diamond says that Forgotten Baby Syndrome actually happens more often than we think and there are good, attentive, loving parents who simply forget that their baby or young child is in the car.

When Dee Dee Estis was running late for work one day, she asked her mother to help drive her three year old son, Christian, to daycare and also pick him up afterwards as she had an exam later that evening.

But the unimaginable happened when Christian’s grandmother forgot that he was in the backseat and accidentally left him secured in his car seat for 10 hours as her car was parked outside her office in the sweltering heat.

As a result of the Forgotten Baby Syndrome, Christian LaCombe died just a few months shy of his fourth birthday.

Dr Diamond explains that a parent or caretaker who is executing a normal habit such going to work or going home from another location can simply have a memory lapse — as they would like forgetting to turn off the bathroom light, or to feed their pet fish.

“What’s actually disturbing to people is that we call it this syndrome but it very much appears to be like forgetting so many other things. I think it’s just very important to see that this phenomenon is not about parents who neglect children, who leave their children as part of abuse or simply are not good parents”, he says.

Source: TimesnowNews,  theAsianparent

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