Some Social Media Hilarious Lockdown Posts From African Parents

Some Social Media Hilarious Lockdown Posts From African Parents

See di good, bad and ugly things wen shidren dey put parents through for dis lockdown.

Becos of di way wen di lockdown take dey frustrate pipo, plenti pipo don go dey share dia funni social media posts.

Government don talk sey make efiri body siddon for house, so we fit reduce di way wen covid-19 take dey spread. E don pass two weeks since Nigeria join oda kontiri for dis lockdown. Na wetin make school and church close down. For di first time eva, parents follow dia shidren dey inside house for long. Of course, dis one don make different experience happen, some good, some bad and some ugly, but plenty dey, wey funni. Becos of social media, we don fit gada some funni social media post about lockdown. See some funni social media posts unda hia.

Funni Social Media Posts From African Parents About Dis Lockdown

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Just becos shidren no go school no mean sey dem no dey busy again. Dem just dey busy with oda things wen no concern school. For one papa wen been dey busy becos of work, di lockdown don give am time to follow him girls grow. He even dey put dia growth for Instagram. See one sweet post from am.


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Me and Lia don turn friends back. Guess who don be papa friend again? Make I knack yu tori. Once upon a time, one man wen get beards siddon for floor dey watch Tv wen person touch am from back, wen he look, he see one fine geh dey smile give am. Dat fine geh na Lia and she come follow her papa make peace. I guess sey she see wetin she do wrong, wear her best cloth, come follow her papa settle. For serious note, e be like sey Lia waka from kichen to parlour na her own version of workout becos I no undastand dis her daili workout session. I go stop her dis night , ask wetin she dey do.

Yu sabi how sometimes, we think sey shidren no sabi wetin dem dey do wen dem get total control of situation? Last night, na so Lia come dey throw her ball down, she sha make me leave wetin I dey do so I fit pick am up, why dem dey like dat?

Chioma : Babes, help her pick di ball na.

Nobs : Why ?

Chioma : because na pikin she be and she wan follow yu play.

Nobs : sey she throw ball down?

Chioma : Yes

Nobs ; No be di game wen I wan follow her play be dat.

Chioma : Which game yu wan come follow her play ?

Nobs : Dem call am, stay yur own make yur papa rest.

Chioma : Ewu

Chioma go raise leg, dey press phone and computa, come dey expect make I follow Lia play "catch ball". Na she be my main problem for dis house. Jax on do oda hand don dey sabi how to collect her things from Lia without force. We don make progress for dat side.

Lia don dey make progress with di magic words. She don dey say " Thank You” and “Sorry”. I dey try record her for video. Mins dat one, she don come sabi one new cry wen dey fake. If yu say make she no do something, she go do di fake cry sound, and if yu ignore her, she go come move go di real cry. Jax dey take her role as Ada too serious. Earli dis evening, I don dress for workout wen Jax say Jax : Wia yu dey go daddy. Nobs :To exercise. Jax : To play Tennis ? Nobs : To run and waka Jax : Make I see wetin yu dey wia.

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See one stinging post for twitter for papas wen no dey help!

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From shidren wen get plenti energi to di ones wen like food, Parents for Africa no fit forget dis lockdown  any time soon. Dem don scratch, paint and even break some TV.  Like OAP (On air personaliti) Tolu Toolz Oniru's television wen her pikin scratch. She go instagram go share her frustration and dey ask how she fit punish her pikin. She even wan know why shidren dey run sef.


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Di way he take dey run once I release him hand dey baffle me. ???

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Newsflash! Toddlers no fit stay one place. No be part of dia job description at all. Haha, we go wrap up with dis tweet from one woman wen dey hail her husband for funni way wen she use local dialect. Dis husband dey do plenti correct thing dis lockdown.

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Mama, wetin be di funni social media yur pikin dey make yu share dis lockdown. Tag us for social media @africaparent. We love to hia from our kommuniti.

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