Here Are The Most Hilarious Lockdown Posts From African Parents On Social Media

Here Are The Most Hilarious Lockdown Posts From African Parents On Social Media

Here's the good, the bad, and the ugly things that kids have put their parents through in this lockdown.

To curtail the spread of the highly contagious COVID-19, the government has said everyone should stay home. Two weeks ago, Nigeria joined the list of countries worldwide, that were in a lockdown. Because of this, schools shut down; churches too. And for the first time in decades, parents are cooped up at home with their kids. Of course, this has birthed a myriad of experiences, some good, some bad, some ugly, but all hilarious. Thanks to social media, we have curated some of the funniest social media posts about the lockdown. Have a look at them below.

Funniest Social Media Posts From African Parents About The Lockdown

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Not going to school has not stopped our kids from being busy. They are just busy with other things apart from school. And for one busy dad, this time at home affords him the opportunity to grow with his daughters. He documents their daily growth on Instagram, here's a sweet post from him. This one classifies as good.


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Friends With Lia again. Guess who’s back to be being friends with Daddy ? Well,let me tell you a story. Once upon a time, a bearded man was sitting on the floor watching TV on a Tuesday when someone touched his shoulder from behind,on looking back,he saw a pretty girl smiling at him. That pretty Girl was Lia and she came to make peace with her daddy. I guess she acknowledged her wrong doing, wore the best possible outfit and came to make up with daddy. On a serious note, I think Lia walking from the living room to the kitchen is her own way of working out because I don’t understand this daily workout session. Im going to stop her tonight and ask her what she’s doing.

You know, how we sometimes think kids don’t know what they are doing when they are entirely in control of a situation? Last night,while they were watching Lia kept throwing her ball down making me leave what I was doing to pick it up, why are they like that?

Chioma : Babes, help her pick the ball na.

Nobs : Why ?

Chioma : because she’s a child and she’s just trying to play with you.

Nobs : by throwing down the ball ?

Chioma : Yes

Nobs ; That’s not the game I want to play with her.

Chioma : what game do you want to play with her ?

Nobs : It’s called. Staying on your own and letting your father rest.

Chioma : Ewu

Chioma will put her legs up, press her phone and computer then expect me to play “ Catch the ball” with Lia. She is really part of my problem in this house. Jax on the other hand is learning how to collect her things back from Lia without using force, we have made huge progress on that.

We have also started making progress with Lia using the magic words. Lia now says “ Thank You” and “Sorry”. I’d try and catch her on video. Apart from using the magic words, she has also learnt a new cry that is so fake you touch it. If you stop her from doing something,she will make the fake cry sound and If you ignore her,she will then move into a full cry. Jax is taking her Ada role a bit too serious. Earlier this evening, I dressed for work out when Jax said Jax : Where are you going Daddy. Nobs :To exercise. Jax : To play Tennis ? Nobs : To run and walk Jax : Let me see what you are wearing

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Here's a hilariously stinging announcement from a Twitter user to unhelpful daddies!

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From energetic children to foodie children, African parents will not forget this lockdown in a hurry. Many TVs have seen scratching, painting, even outright breaking.  Like OAP Tolu Toolz Oniru's television which her toddler scratched. She took to Instagram to share her frustration and ask how he should be punished. The radio presenter also wanted to know why toddlers run the way they do.


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The way he just starts running when I release his hand baffles me. ???

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Newsflash! Toddlers literally cannot keep still. It's not in their job description. On that note, we wrap up with this tweet from a wife hailing her husband in the funniest local way. This husband is sure doing several things right this lockdown season.

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Mummy, what are the funniest social media your children have got you sharing in this lockdown? Tag us on social media @africaparent. We love hearing from our community.

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