Gastroenteritis Outbreak: Lagos State Opens An Emergency Operation Centre

Gastroenteritis Outbreak: Lagos State Opens An Emergency Operation Centre

Consequent upon the growing concern about the recent increase in the incidence of gastroenteritis in Lagos State, the government has activated an Emergency Operation Centre (EOC) to coordinate response against the outbreak of the disease as well as other infectious ailments.

In light of the growing concern about the recent outbreaks of gastroenteritis in Lagos State, the government has activated an Emergency Operation Centre (EOC). This centre will coordinate the response against the disease and other infectious ailments.

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Lagos Tackles Gastroenteritis Via The Ministry Of Health

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According to the Commissioner for Health, Professor Akin Abayomi who inaugurated the centre today. “The EOC is a command and control centre headquartered in the Ministry of Health. It will coordinate and fine-tune logistics and resources in response to the increasing number of diarrhoea and vomiting recorded in the past weeks. This is in five local government areas of Lagos State”.

He noted that the EOC has representatives from the Ministry of Health, and Primary Health Care Board. There's also the Health Service Commission, and Lagos Environmental Protection Agency (LASEPA). The list also has the World Health Organisation and Central Public Health Laboratory, amongst others. The stakeholders will be meeting on a daily basis, collating results, reviewing plans and interventions. They'll also suggest and coordinate the implementation of measures to effectively curtail the spread of the disease. finally, they will manage future occurrences promptly and effectively.

“The EOC is made up of sub-thematic areas of surveillance and laboratory; communication, health education and social mobilisation; case management and infection control as well as logistics and data management. We are going to have a complete narrative of what happened during these past weeks; on lessons learned and how we're going to move forward”, the Commissioner said.

Commissioner For Health, Abayomi Gives Further Details on Gastroenteritis

Gastroenteritis Outbreak: Lagos State Opens An Emergency Operation Centre

Abayomi asserted that the government is proactive in its response and management of the excess cases. This is of vomiting and diarrhoea since the people reported the first case and investigation began.

He revealed that officials collected some samples in the course of the investigation. They sent them to the laboratory and they tested positive to a type of cholera. He said that officials are further investigating to ascertain whether cholera is solely responsible. For all identified cases or whether there are other pathogens involved in the cases recorded.

Abayomi added that disease surveillance officers at the State and local government levels are busy. They're currently carrying out intensive surveillance to stop the spread of the disease. He stressed that they're devising various strategies to forestall any future occurrences.

Abayomi noted that Lagos is prone to seasonal infectious diseases like gastroenteritis. But this is because of its demography and low-line megacity nature. The Commissioner assured that the State government would not relent in ensuring that citizens remain safe and healthy, noting that the well-being of residents is paramount to the present administration.

Preventive measures against Gastroenteritis

Members of the public are hereby advised to take precautionary measures by:

  • paying due attention to personal hygiene and environmental sanitation
  • by keeping their environment clean
  • avoiding open defecation
  • ensuring drains are clean
  • and imbibe the culture of regular hand washing.
  • wash your hands with soaps and water frequently and thoroughly
  • boil your water before drinking especially if the source is in doubts
  • wash fruits and vegetables thoroughly before eating
  • cook food thoroughly and dispose of waste material properly

For reports, clarification and more information on the outbreak of gastroenteritis, citizens and health workers can contact the Directorate of Disease Control through these lines: 08023169485 and 08023608195.


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