68 German male names and their meanings.

68 German male names and their meanings.

Looking for the perfect German male names for your baby boy? Here is a comprehensive list of the most popular German names for boys

The good thing about picking baby names is that you can pick any name from anywhere in the world as long as it resonates with what you want in a name. Looking to give your baby boyu a German name? Here are some German male names to select from.

German male names

  1. Abramo: Father of a multitude
  2. Aadne: Eagle
  3. Abelard: Resolute
  4. Alexander: Defender of Mankind
  5. Adalard: Brave
  6. Adolphus: Noble wolf
  7. Augustine: Majestic
  8. Acwulf: A wolf from the oak meadows
  9. Abbot: Father; A Variant of Abba
  10. Abbey: My Father is light
  11. Abbe: My Father is Joyful
  12. Adaliz: A sort of kind or noble person
  13. Adalric: A wealthy or rich noble person
  14. Absalon: God the Father is peace
  15. Adalhard: A brave and tough noble person
  16. Adalheid: Golden Boy
  17. Aby: Father of multitude or masses
  18. Bamey: brave as a bear
  19. Barnim: To Protect
  20. Bardric: Axe Ruler; Soldier who Wields an Axe

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  1. Bannruod: Famous Commander
  2. Barduwulf: An ax-wielding wolf
  3. Bannan: Commander
  4. Ben: Son Of Boy
  5. Bahr: A mighty and strong Bear
  6. Baldemar: Famous ruler
  7. Baldrick: Bold or brave
  8. Bamard: Brave as a bear
  9. Baldwin: bold and brave friend
  10. Callan: To fight in the battle with rocks
  11. Carey: He lives in the fortress
  12. Cariel: He is a free man
  13. Carper: An occupational name for basketmaker
  14. Cary: A man of the fortress
  15. Ceorl: A husband
  16. Chay: A fairy tale
  17. Christoph: One who is the bearer of Jesus
  18. Chuckie: A freeman; a commoner who is free of any forceful dominancy from the state
  19. Claus: The victory of the men; victory of the people
  1. Clay: Mortal; one who is subjected to death

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More Names

  1. Chlodwig: A famous German warrior
  2. Drogo: One who can bear or carry the load
  3. Drud: Strong natured person
  4. Durr: A daunting individual
  5. Dust: Habitation name; bush
  6. Dustan: A brave warrior
  7. Dustin: Name of Thor's stone
  8. Dolf: Noble wolf
  9. Dik: A unique, strong and powerful ruler
  10. Dillinger: A hill slope; feeling of love; joy of God
  11. Dolphus: Majestic Noble Wolf
  12. Donar: God of Thunder
  13. Dresden: People who are living beside riverside
  14. Drexel: Likes to make things unclear; to turn around
  15. Elias: One who believes Yahweh is the Lord
  16. Eadwin: A person who is a blessed friend and valued in society.
  17. Earnest: Serious-minded and spiritual being
  18. Ewart: Brave and courageous person.
  19. Eberhard: Strong and courageous as wild boar.
  20. Edmund: Strong protector; one who is thoughtful and systematic

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  1. Ecgwald: Brought up by nature or in the environment of forest
  2. Felix: A man who is blessed with good fortune, luck and success
  3. Jonas: Dove, soft-spoken, kind
  4. Leon: Lion
  5. Louis: Great knight, brave
  6. Maximilian: Best of the best, the greatest one
  7. Noah: Relaxation, restful, harmony, calm.
  8. Wojciech: He who is happy in battle


Usually, names are used in different places around the world in variants of different length and pronunciations. Hence, some names may sound English but they're German nonetheless.

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