Nigerian Twitter Reacts As Grace Ajilore Announces Her Pregnancy

Nigerian Twitter Reacts As Grace Ajilore Announces Her Pregnancy

Popular Instagram and Twitter personality, Grace Ajilore, recently announced she is expecting a baby with her partner. Here's how Nigerian Twitter reacted.

Grace Ajilore, the popular Nigerian social media comedian known for goofing around on camera, recently announced that she's pregnant. While many Nigerians sent their congratulations, others started trolling her online for being pregnant while holding feminist views.

Grace Ajilore: Nigerian Twitter's reaction to her pregnancy

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It has become a common thing to target women with feminist views when they participate in traditional norms like marriage or get pregnant. This is based on the wrong assumption that if you believe that men and women should have equal rights, then you should not get married, be in a relationship or be pregnant.

As a comedian, Grace Ajilore has a distinct and funny personality that she brings to her videos while she plays around on camera. In her videos, she is often preaching to both genders in her usual playful tone on how to go about the business of relationships. For the men, she advises them to take good care of themselves mostly and also be better people all around. While for women, she encourages them to never settle for any man simply because they're lonely. However, some chose to interpret her actions as one of those who hate men.

Some Nigerians congratulated her on becoming pregnant, while others were less hearty with their comments. They insisted that she had been deceiving girls with her relationship advice, while some tweeted in her defence that they were the ones who misread her messages.

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Linda Ikeji preached celibacy so tey, she FELL pregnant, Glory Osei was forming feminist that hates men only to realize that she is married. Now, Grace Ajilore that is always setting standards and screaming "Men are scum" is pregnant. The internet is a very interesting place.


How To Do A Creative Pregnancy Announcement

The drama might have a cast a shadow on her pregnancy announcement. But it's still a fun thing to do. If you are planning a pregnancy reveal, here are some creative ideas:

  • Sonogram Announcement

Post a picture of you and your spouse holding a sonogram.

Sonogram Announcement

  • Social Media

You can announce on social media as Grace Ajilore did.


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My Christmas came early! Me & daddy can’t wait to meet our beautiful baby ?? Hair - @_hairweatheruk x @capelliamore Dress - @lcobbina

A post shared by Grace Ajilore (@grace_ajilore) on

  • Shoe pregnancy announcement

A photo of you and your partner's shoes with a little one signifies that you are expecting.

shoe pregnancy announcement

  • Maternity shoot

Stephanie Coker recently revealed her pregnancy with a lovely photoshoot.

  • Big Sister pregnancy announcement.

Do you have a little one already and will be expanding your family? This is a great way to announce your pregnancy.

Big sister pregnancy announcement

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