Happy Easter Messages You Can Send to Everyone

Happy Easter Messages You Can Send to Everyone

These happy Easter messages will help you tell everyone how much you love and care for them.

Nigerians love to wish each other happy everything. You’ve probably received many happy new week wishes, happy new month wishes, and happy New Year wishes.

How then can you make your happy Easter messages special when there are so many messages floating around?
You go through our list of special messages, of course, and pick the one that is right for you.

happy easter messages

25 Easter messages to send to your loved ones

1. May the peace and Joy of the resurrection of Christ be with you and your whole family. Happy Easter!

2. Christ died so you may live. May his death usher in the end to every problem you have been facing. Have a great Easter celebration.

3. He died to give us life. He was buried to bring us peace. May you have the peace that comes from the sacrifice of Christ on the cross. Happy Easter!

4. He suffered on the cross for our sake so that we may always have hope in him. May this hope fill your heart for the rest of your days. Happy Easter!

5. Christ went to Calvary for you! May you always live the reward of his sacrifice. Have a joyous Easter celebration.

6. He sacrificed himself because he loves you. On this day of his resurrection, all your blessings will resurrect with him. Amen.

7. I pray that you feel the hope of wonderful new beginnings, happiness and love in this Easter season.

8. May the Joy of Easter be with you now and always.

9. As Christ died, your problems died with him. Now that he has risen, you will rise with him to a new life. Happy Easter!

10. Today we celebrate the resurrection of Christ! Remain blessed and have a wonderful Easter

11. I am sending these happy Easter messages to remind you to celebrate the risen king! Have a wonderful Easter!

12. Today, we don’t celebrate the death of Christ but his life. May your life forever be full of celebrations! Happy Easter.

13. This Easter, may all your wishes come true!

14. Hallelujah! May the risen king bless and keep you this Easter.

15. Easter is a time of new beginnings. May you find new blessings and may new doors open for you now and always!

16. I hope these happy Easter messages meet you in good health and lots of happiness! Have a great Easter celebration!

17. Wishing you a happy Easter full of love, laughter and happiness!

18. This Easter season, may your family have many reasons to smile.

19. The joy of His resurrection will be with you and your family!

20. Christ died so you might live. He rose from the dead so you might have victory. Happy Easter!

21. This Easter, I wish you peace, happiness and favour! Happy celebrations!

22. Everything is new now that Christ has risen! May your life be filled with amazing new beginnings.

23. Our Lord has won the victory over death and sin. Rejoice!

24. May this be the best Easter of your life. Have a blessed day!

25. Christ has conquered death for all of us. Celebrate in His victory!

These happy Easter messages will let everyone know that you care for them now and always. Have fun picking out the messages that you love the most.


Resource: BBC

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Written by

Julie Adeboye