Here Are Parenting Trends To Look Out For In 2020

Here Are Parenting Trends To Look Out For In 2020

Facebook has compiled a report of trends and topics to look out for in 2020. Here are the 2020 parenting trends to watch out for.

As we bid goodbye to 2019, Facebook has helpfully combined topics and trends to look out for in 2020. Inside this report are some 2020 parenting trends you need to know about. 

2020 parenting trends you should watch out for

Facebook made the report to give people a hint of the trends and topics that will dominate our imagination in 2020. It made these findings by analysing thousands of topics on Facebook from January 2018 to June 2019. However, they didn't just rely on their findings on Facebook. When they noticed a particular pattern in conversation, they used other media sources to support their findings. If you want to know more about their methods, you may check the full report

What parents need to know

The report is a global one, capturing over 13 countries, so you can imagine the size of it. Following trends across regions helped Facebook capture the diversity and ideas across the world. Our compilation focuses on trends that parents would want to take note of.

  • Self-care and what it would look like 

self care for parents

The report didn't specifically point to what self-care habits for mums are or what they will be, but it shows that in the US, people are becoming more accepting of bathing as a way to specially care for themselves. For most people, bathing is just routine, a way to clean and get going for the day, but Facebook is predicting a more complete shift in 2020. In their words, Facebook reports that people are increasingly embracing baths as a self-care ritual, using speciality soaks and chill-out music to create spa-like experiences at home. They also called it a shift in customized care. 

Lifestyle trends in 2020

  • Popular stuff to do with kids

Here Are Parenting Trends To Look Out For In 2020

The report suggests that there's an international shift towards experiences that require contact and take place in nature. People are realising that there's fun in getting their hands dirty, Facebook explains. Here are a few trends to note below: 

  • A new trend is emerging in Brazil, helping people try out technologies. The reports state that "by teaching students how to make something from nothing, schools are aiming to instil an entrepreneurial spirit in kids." 
  • Brazil is also going back to use 80s technologies for entertainment. The report explains that "to channel a less complicated time, people are embracing vintage tech, turning to 8-bit video games, and choosing to play music on cassette tapes instead of on streaming platforms." 
  • Indoor gardening is popular in Canada. The reports state that "more people are ordering plants online and sharing their fauna families on social media."
  • Backpacking and hiking are becoming popular in India. 

Quality of living in 2020

  • Trends to note about health

2020 parent trends

There's a lot of information on the internet and elsewhere about what parents should and shouldn't do to protect their health. Those precautions are set to continue in 2020. In France, people are using apps to check for harmful ingredients and nutrients in the foods they consume. While in Australia, people are on the lookout for specific foods, like kefir, kimchi, and cultured butter to promote healthy kidneys, heart, and brain. Also, families in the US and Germany are cutting back on meat, serving it less and less at family dinners. Facebook reports that people are acting greener" and "seeking more plant-based foods to reduce their meat consumption."

Overall, it seems that families all over the world are looking to eat healthily and are turning towards natural foods for more health. 

Which of these trends are you likely to pick up in 2020?

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