Here Is How You Can Get Rid Of A Double Chin

Here Is How You Can Get Rid Of A Double Chin

Double chin is not always caused by obesity. It occurs when a layer of fat grows under your chin. It can be removed through exercices and more

To many people, a double chin is a sign of obesity, but that is not always the case. A double chin isn't something you may readily notice, even though it is right there below your jaw. You may notice it out of the blue, taunting you in the mirror, and you're left wondering how it got there. Fortunately, it isn't permanent, and if you keep scrolling we'll tell you how to get rid of a double chin.

How Can You Tell If You Have A Double Chin?

Here Is How You Can Get Rid Of A Double Chin

Double chin is also known as submental fat. Double chin is that extra layer of fat that appears below your chin. It's like having two extra chins under there.

What are the causes of a double chin?

Apart from weight gain, there are a few other factors that cause a double chin. 

  • Genetics 

Genetics is one of the reasons you might have a double chin. You're more likely to get a double chin if there's someone in your lineage who has it. It means that skin elasticity runs in your family.

  • Weight gain

Adding more weight can cause a double chin, but it is not always the cause. You may put on with high-calorie intake, too much-processed foods and unhealthy fats. 

  • Age

It is normal for your skin to lose elasticity with age. Although it is not so in everybody. Losing elasticity may cause the appearance of a double chin.

How to get rid of a double chin

There are two ways to get rid of a double chin. One is through exercise and the other is through treatments. 

  1. Exercises

exercises to help you removedouble chin

  • Whistle at the ceiling

Sit bolt straight and relax your shoulders. Throw your head back a bit to look at the ceiling. Then hold your mouth in a whistling position but you don't have to whistle. It's like whistling soundlessly. Hold this position for ten to twenty seconds. First one sitting, ten repetitions is enough. 

  • Ball squeeze

For this exercise, keep the ball where you can see it. The ball should not be hard to squeeze and should range from 5 to 10 based on how comfortable it is for you. Put the ball under your chin and press down in a firm and steady motion. 

  • Pouting stretch

The pouting stretch helps get rid of a double chin. Stick your bottom lip out as far as you can. You can do this while standing or sitting. With your lips still in full pout, try using the muscles of your neck to tilt the chin towards your chest without moving the upper back. 


  1. Diets and treatment

  • Diets 

If your double chin is caused by weight gain, watching your diet will help you lose some of it. Reducing your calorie intake helps you maintain a healthy weight. You can do no wrong with water when it comes to health and losing weight. Eat fruits with high amounts of water like watermelon and cucumber. 

  • Treatment

Mesotherapy, Liposculpting, Kybella are the three ways to remove a double chin. With Mesotherapy, you inject the area to dissolve the fat. While with Liposculpting, you remove the fat by sucking it out. And Kybella is a drug usually injected into the fat tissue. 

With the treatments, there may be pain and some side effects. And a double chin might return if you don't maintain a healthy lifestyle. 

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Source: Healthline

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