Home Tutors in Lagos: Everything You Should Know

Home Tutors in Lagos: Everything You Should Know

Parenting is not a walk in the park. It was just like yesterday when you returned from the hospital, wasn't it? You could never forget the warmth that flooded your heart every time you held your baby. And everyone who visited cooed about how cute he was. Now it's time to begin schooling and you have decided that he should be home-schooled. But you wonder who should the home tutor should be, because a great home tutor will have a tremendous impact on your child's life. The teachings, wrong or right will shape his mentality. It's a delicate decision, and we're here to help. We've put together a list of some home tutors in Lagos and their information. We're sure this will help you decide.

How To Know Great Home Tutors in Lagos

Home tutors should be good listeners, listening to your child's challenges. It is a one-on-one teaching style, so listening is paramount. A good home tutor should also should also possess strong communication skills, a good relationship with the student as well as be very calm and patient.

Check Out Our List of Home Tutors in Lagos

home tutors in lagos

These tutors have made a name for themselves as some of the best within Lagos. Most of them have centres of learning while they operate as home tutors on the side.

  1. City Tutors:

    These tutors engage in pre nursery/nursery tutors through to secondary schools, international exams, music and professional exams tutoring. They have a system of personalizing the learning per students so as to achieve the best in every situation. Also, they are based in Lagos State, as well as Abuja and Port Harcourt. Visit their website.

  2. Prep-Class Tutors:

    They make scouting for a tutor easy, with a dedicated WhatsApp line for communication. Their approach is a bit different; they ask for the type of tutoring you need and set out to match you with the right tutor. They also train people on various ways of becoming a tutor. Visit their website.

  3. Elite Tutors:

    They tutor choosing from the various curriculum (Nigerian, American, British and French), the one best suited to the student. They also have a blog that is a resource store for the students.  Visit their website

  1. Tuteria:

    One of the unique things about them is the range of subjects they tutor in, which includes cooking and make-up artistry. They also help people become tutors and have active social media accounts. Visit their website.

  1. Proteach Tutors:

    Their blog is very rich and informative, with actual useful tips. They also help match you to your preferred tutors by first knowing what you require, so the matching is productive. They also do help people who feel they can become good tutors, find their footing via training. Visit their website.

  1. Homeworks Tutorial Centre:

    Situated in the Yaba area of Lagos State, as one of the home tutors in Lagos, the are committed to providing one-on-one private and group tutoring to all ages. They also prepare students for local and international examinations such as SAT, WAEC, JAMB, TOEFL and GMAT. Unfortunately, they do not have a website presently, but can be gotten via Vconnect.

  1. Knowledge Pillars Tutors:

    The unique feature about them is that they provide educational support via tutoring to physically challenged students. The also provide tutoring for nursery students through to university and professional students. They also provide tutor training and musical tutoring as well. Visit their website. 

  1. Excellent Breed Tutors:

    They are also involved in group and private tutoring. As a home tutor in Lagos, they not only tutor on popular courses, but also help students in passing professional exams. Visit their website.

  1. Olasanmi Home Tutors:

    They are very flexible with their pricing, giving the option of a monthly or hourly charge for their tutors. Visit their website.

Whatever tutor  you choose, remember to contribute your quota as a parent in making sure that your child develops and blossoms as they grow.


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