How To Homeschool Kids Successfully

How To Homeschool Kids Successfully

Here's everything you need to know about homeschooling kids.

Due to the pandemic, homeschooling has become the norm for school-aged children all over the world. Because this kind of learning takes place at home it is easy for parents to think their kids aren’t doing enough, taking into account all the distractions they may encounter at home. Therefore, it is important to set aside homeschooling hours for kids so that they know when it’s time for learning, assignments and other activities.

Homeschooling hours for kids

homeschooling hours for kids

In such a time as this, the ultimate goal of homeschooling is to reduce the effect the pandemic might have on your child’s education. Schooling your child at home isn’t an easy task and there are those who might struggle initially before finding their balance and pace. This article provides tips on how to make homeschooling successful, suggestions of other activities, and tables are broken down by class in order to give parents an idea of how much time they should spend each day on learning.

Tips to homeschooling success

The following tips will enable you to achieve success with homeschooling your child:

  • Create homeschooling space

It is important to decide which part of your home you wish to use for homeschooling, whether it’s the kitchen table or the study. The next thing is to know the things you need. Do you need a blackboard or a desk? Where will you post your schedule? Do you have a computer? Do you have access to an internet connection? You will also need a basket where you gather supplies so that it is easier to locate them when you need any.


  • Decide on a curriculum

Deciding on a curriculum is very important because it provides you with direction going from topic to topic. The curriculum involves textbooks and workbooks that cover reading, writing, arithmetic as well as your child’s preferences. If it happens that your child is particularly interested in arithmetic, then perhaps you should start from there.


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  • Set homeschooling goals

Homeschooling happens at its own pace and time, which is why setting goals is important so that you can be able to gauge progress at certain points. It is a bit like the report card kids get at the end of each term, which accounts for not only their progress academically but also their extracurricular activities. Through the report card, you see the general progress of your child.

how to homeschool

  • Set homeschooling schedule

The table above is there to help you carve out a schedule that is comfortable for you and your child. It might be difficult at first and will require a bit of getting used to, but the schedule helps you and your child stay organized and focused. However, avoid committing too many hours to learn without incorporating time for other activities.

  • Avoid some homeschooling mistakes

One of the mistakes of homeschooling is plunging money into buying a curriculum, only to find that it doesn’t suit your child’s way of learning. So try and do a kind of freestyle learning and see what catches your child’s fancy and then go from there. Also, you as the parent will constantly need to adjust as you discover what works and what doesn’t. Bear in mind that there are different ways to approach a task.

You may struggle at the beginning and this is only natural. If you have a friend or know anyone who has done homeschooling before, you can reach out to them for a bit of advice.

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