How These Celebrities Kids Turned Up For Independence Day

How These Celebrities Kids Turned Up For Independence Day

The pictures of celebrity kids turning up For independence day in Nigeria will make you smile. Amidst complaints of the country's struggles, it is a bright spot.

Independence Day in Nigeria, which is on 1st October of every year, is spent in celebratory fashion. You can sense the tangible joy and hope in the air as neighbours and country people go about wishing each other Happy Independence! Children go to school not in their usual uniforms but in regular attire. It is a time to show off the different native attires that make up this great and diverse country. Also, celebrity kids turned up for independence day at their schools looking cute.

How Celebrity Kids Celebrated Independence Day

This year’s independence day was no different, as Nigeria marked its 59th year since independence. Many schools hosted children looking dapper in native attire associated with different Nigerian tribes. As expected, celebrities took to social media to show off their kids who attended their school’s historical celebration in natives of varied styles. The celebrities who posted pictures of their cute kids among others include Dolapo Oni, Tonto Dikeh, Peter and Paul Okoye, Femi Fani Kayode.

how celebrity kids turned up for independence day

Image credit: Tonto Dikeh

how celebrity kids turned up for independence day

Source: Powede Awujo

how celebrity kids turned up for independence day

Image Credit: Marcy Dolapo

Some of the kids were pictured wearing the isi-agu, red beads and red caps associated with the Igbo of Eastern Nigeria. While others wore the embroidered, babban riga, agbada and fila caps associated with the Hausa and Yoruba of Northern and Western Nigeria respectively.

Nigeria’s progress since independence is one of the most divisive topics among Nigerians. It appears the readings differ on many people’s scale of progress. Some argue that nothing has changed. If anything, things have taken a turn for the worse. And that the country should’ve remained under British rule. Others look back at the hope and potential that greeted Nigeria’s independence and insist that the time was right. Instead, those who have led the country since then mismanaged things. In the midst of all this, there is a large chunk of the population that remains steadfastly hopeful for Nigeria’s future. Home is where one belongs after all.

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