Dis Method Go Make Your Spouse Forgive You

Dis Method Go Make Your Spouse Forgive You

E get de tin wey you go do your spouse and e go am vex.If dis kyn tin happen, see wetin you go do.

Na human being we be, and as dem dey talk am – to err na human, to forgive divine. We fit make mistake, we fit offend each other, whether we know or we no know. Wetin go make peace reign na wen you wey do wrong know how to ask for forgiveness from your spouse.

To admit sey you dey wrong fit dey hard, especially for people wey dey wear ego like agbada. When you don quench dis ego and you wan declare sey you admit sey you dey wrong, you need to present am in a way wey de other person go take understand sey true true you mean wetin you dey talk.

How to ask forgiveness from your spouse

how to ask for forgiveness from your spouse

  • Find quiet place to talk

If you wan ask for forgiveness from your partner, look for one quiet place where una go fit talk de issue. Make sure sey de environment dey calm. Nor allow anytin wey fit cause distraction, no be wen you wan ask for forgiveness you go dey dey distracted with chat or phone calls.

  • Find de right word to take apologise

De kain word wey we choose for dis kain moment fit helep solve de problem fast fast or e fit even make mata worst. Find de right word wey go please your partner and wey go make him or her know sey you dey truly sorry. You fit start with de sweet name wey you dey usually call your partner, den tell him or her sey you dey sorry for wetin you do or wetin you say (explain wetin you do or say and wetin make you do am).

  • Avoid words wey go fit make de other person vex

On how to ask for forgiveness from your spouse, always run away from words wey go vex de other person. If you use word like – “I dey sorry sey you dey feel like dat” wetin you dey try tell am be sey e nor suppose feel dat way, but since im don feel like that, no wahala, take ‘sorry’ make I rest. Try avoid word like “If I offend you, no vex” e mean sey you nor really accept sey you offend am, but since e don dey feel dat way, make you just apologise so de mata go rest.

  • Take responsibility for your action

Dey honest. Nor dey try cast blame wen you dey beg for forgiveness. E go make am look like sey you no really dey sorry for wetin happen, you just wan ask for forgiveness just to allow mata rest, nor be because sey you really mean am. Once de other party don know sey you no really mean am, e fit hard to forgive and forget.

  • Nor try do me I do you

do me i do you

Wen you dey try ask for forgiveness, nor dey try remind de other person of how im take offend you before and wetin una do about am. Forget about de past, focus on de particular mata wey dey on ground and seek as una go take resolve an.

  • Nor just talk only, show

Show sey you mean wetin you talk. Show sey you really dey sorry. If na serious mata, you fit take action to make am know sey you don dey seek helep. You fit also buy favourite gift but make sure sey you make dem understand am sey you no dey try buy dem over but you just wan show sey you dey sorry for wetin you do.

Offence go dey inside family. Wetin go make your marriage strong na wen you know how to ask for forgiveness from your spouse when you dey wrong. Always ask for forgiveness wen you dey wrong, and try not to repeat de same tin wey you don apologise for again.


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Written by

Tony S Abiodun