How To Check Your Kenya Certificate of Primary Education (KCPE) Results

How To Check Your Kenya Certificate of Primary Education (KCPE) Results

You don't have to go to your centre to check your results, there are two methods to follow to get your KCPE result.

If you’ve ever sat for any examination that remotely matters to you, you would know the tension and suspense that begins to eat you up on the inside the very moment you submit your papers and go home. So, students are usually looking for how to check their KCPE results easily.

Besides the personal self-inflicted pressure on you to excel, external pressure doesn’t make the wait any easier. You’re already imagining the disappointment of your parents or guardians if you end up failing the exams. Already thinking of how it will stall your education. Most educational examinations are designed to move you to the next level after all. So imagine for a moment that the results are finally out. Under shaky legs weakened by tension, you’d have to go back to the centre where you wrote the examination just to check your results. Standing in a long queue all day, clenching your jaws, trying to control yourself from the inside. That is what students who have written the Kenya Certificate of Primary Education (KCPE) have to go through. But no more. Kenya has announced how to check KCPE results that doesn’t involve going to your centre.

How to Check KCPE Results

how to check kcpe results

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KCPE is an exam students take after eight years of primary education. And every year the results are announced towards the end of December. There are two ways to check the results: online or by SMS.

  1. Online
  • Requirements

To access the internet you will need a computer. You could go to a cyber cafe anywhere near you. Or you could use a computer at home or your laptop, in which case you would need a source of internet connection. You could use Safaricom, one of the leading internet service providers in Kenya. Secondly, every student who sat for KCPE has an index number they used during the exam. This index number is what enables you to access your results online.

  • Procedure

It is assumed that you have basic internet skills that will enable you to navigate the internet and not get yourself confused. That aside, there are no other websites on which you can find your results except the KNEC. It is the only website responsible for the Kenyan National Examination. The URL is “ ”. This website also publishes other results. So be sure to select KCPE in the dropdown menu. The next dropdown menu will allow you to select the date, then your Index Number on the next dropdown menu. Click the find button when you’re done.

  1. SMS

The SMS procedure is straightforward and simple. Charges will apply whether you’re using Safaricom, Airtel or Orange networks to send the SMS.

  • Procedure

Send SMS with your Index Number to 22252 and wait for it.


Note that these are just provisional results. You will still have to pick up the original at a later date. But at least with these easier and quicker methods, the tension and suspense is over and done with.

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