How To Choose A Hospital For Delivery As A Man Loses Wife To Botched C-Section

How To Choose A Hospital For Delivery As A Man Loses Wife To Botched C-Section

A grieving widower has sued the hospital where a caesarean section cost his wife her life — and his kids, their mother. Situations like this are abound, with tragic news all over the Internet. It has now become imperative that women know how to choose a hospital for delivery. Because as we all know, there are hospitals and there are hospitals.

Charles Johnson went with his wife, Kira, to Cedars-Sinai Hospital in the Beverly Grove neighborhood in Los Angeles; and the doctors assured them it would be a routine C-section to bring Langston, now 3, into the world. What happened instead was a nightmare that ended in Kira’s death.

“I just held her by her hand and said, ‘Please look, my wife isn’t doing well,’ ” Johnson said, according to KTLA-TV. “This woman looked me directly in my eye and said, ‘Sir, your wife is not a priority right now.’ It wasn’t until 12.30 a.m. the next morning that they finally took the decision to take Kira back to surgery.”

By that time, her abdomen was filled with 3.5 litres of blood, and she died almost as soon as they opened her up. She had bled internally for nearly 10 hours.

The hospital's only comment was to assert that “Cedars-Sinai thoroughly investigates any situation where there are concerns about a patient’s medical care.”

How To Choose A Hospital For Delivery: Going Abroad May Not Always Be The Solution

how to choose a hospital for delivery

It's not uncommon for African families who can afford it to go and have their babies in foreign hospitals; especially the United States Of America. Even though the recent ban didn't exist, maternal tourism is not the solution, as this story shows us.

The maternal mortality rate in the U.S. is the highest of any in the developed world; but the disparity for women of colour is much starker. Black, American Indian, and Alaska Native (AI/AN) women are two to three times more likely to die from pregnancy-related causes than white women. This is according to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). About 700 women die annually in the U.S. of childbirth-related issues, according to KTLA.

More recently, there are high-profile cases that expose the dangers of childbirth to African-American women. Both singer Beyoncé and tennis star Serena Williams suffered life-threatening complications around their pregnancy. Williams says she had to browbeat doctors to listen to her and discover the blood clot she had; as she recounted in a CNN opinion piece in 2018. She, like Beyoncé, had had an emergency C-section.

Johnson’s tribute to his wife, besides keeping her memory alive for their sons, is to draw further attention to the issue.

“I started to do research for myself. I realized, oh my gosh, we are in the midst of a maternal mortality crisis that isn’t just shameful for American standards. It is shameful on a global scale,” he said, according to KTLA. “If I can simply do something to ensure that I can send other mothers home with their precious babies; then it’s all worth it.”

Here Are Seven Tips For Choosing A Hospital For Delivery

how to choose a hospital for delivery

If you are expecting your baby, you’ll have lots of questions and choices to make: Do I want a natural childbirth? Who do I want with me during delivery? What maternity hospital do I go to?

It can get a little overwhelming. So deciding on where to deliver first is a great way to check one thing off your list of seemingly endless decisions! While there are lots of factors to consider, here are 7 things the maternity hospital you choose should offer.

Excellence in Labour and Delivery

You want to make sure that you and your baby are in expert hands. The hospital should have a team of board-certified specialists to guide you through your labour and delivery. That includes board-certified gynaecologists and anaesthesiologists. Board certification demonstrates a physician’s expertise in their specialty and that they participate in ongoing professional development, so they stay up-to-date in their field. These board-certified OB/GYNs are there, along with delivery nurses, to support you before you’re ready to push.

A Special Care Nursery

A special care nursery includes a team of dedicated neonatologists and nurses trained in the care of premature babies born after 32 weeks of pregnancy who need close observation or other special attention. You want a special care nursery team that encourages you, parents and caregivers, whenever possible; to come into the nursery to bond and spend time with your baby.

Birthing Options

Giving birth is one of the most life-changing events you will ever experience. Your maternity hospital should give you the tools to create a birth plan that outlines how you want to deliver your baby. This includes what supportive birthing techniques and approaches you want during labour; from pain relief medication to aromatherapy to a warm whirlpool tub.

More Tips For Choosing A Hospital For Delivery

how to choose a hospital for delivery

Pain Relief Choices for Labour

Whether you want medicines for pain relief or you would like to use more natural ways to help relieve labour pain, look for a hospital that offers:

  • Pain relief medications, including regional and local anesthetics
  • Alternative, more natural pain-relief approaches

5. Postpartum Care for You and Your Baby

You’ve done the hard work, now you want to relax and bond with your baby and family. Look for these postpartum care must-haves:

  • Homelike, comfortable postpartum rooms, away from labour and delivery
  • A team of very supportive nurses; answering questions and providing guidance on childcare and breastfeeding.
  • Quality room service and restaurant-style dining—because you deserve it!

6. Breastfeeding Support

Breastfeeding is one of the healthiest things you can do for your baby, but it can come with challenges. Make sure the hospital you choose offers:

  • A lactation center with certified lactation consultants
  • Breastfeeding classes to start preparing you before you give birth

7. Pre- and Postnatal Care and Classes

A healthy mom helps to ensure a healthy baby. It’s essential that the hospital you choose provides:

  • Prenatal classes to make sure you and your family are prepared for your pregnancy and delivery, and to care for your baby—from childbirth preparation to breastfeeding, from infant care to CPR
  • A Fetal Medicine Program to help you prepare for a healthy delivery if you anticipate or are experiencing a high-risk pregnancy
  • A pelvic floor therapy program to help with urinary incontinence that can occur after pregnancy

Remember, where you deliver your baby is as important as who delivers your baby. Do your research and make sure the maternity hospital you choose is the right fit for you.

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