Want To Conceive Twins? You Can Increase Your Chances

Want To Conceive Twins? You Can Increase Your Chances

Though there is no way to totally control conceiving twins, there are ways to increase your chances, including these hot sex positions!

Getting pregnant with twins can be a challenge for many women, especially if you have no family history of multiple pregnancies. There are no sure ways to show you how to conceive twins, but there are ways to improve your chances of welcoming more than one new addition to your growing brood.

How to conceive twins: Steps to increase your chances

Let's first take a closer look at how twins are conceived.

For fraternal twins, there has to be more than one ovulation during sex. If this happens, then both or more eggs should be fertilised.

As for conceiving identical twins, one egg is released but it is split in two. Even without the aid of fertility drugs, fraternal and identical twins can be conceived naturally.

Can sex positions help in how to conceive twins easier?

getting pregnant with twins

Aside from exploring fertility treatments and having a family history of twins, sex positions for twins can also increase your chances.

The key lies in releasing the sperm as close to the cervix as possible.

This is why many have touted the effectiveness of certain sex positions, like the following:

  • Side by side. In this position, a woman bends forward while her partner penetrates her from behind.
  • Missionary position. The simplest and most common position is popular not just because it's comfortable, but it also allows the sperm to seamlessly find the egg.
  • Standing position. There is one position known as the door jam position, which involves facing each other and anchoring yourselves in a doorway. With one side supporting your back, put one leg up as your hubby penetrates you. Not only does this stimulate pleasure, it allows for deep penetration, which can improve the likelihood of a twin pregnancy.

Though there is no scientific backing for any of these sex positions, it's easy to see why many believe they work. Improving the sperms' trajectory can make entry into the cervix easier.

But it's important not to forget that multiple ovulation holds the key to twin conception!

Other factors that influence conceiving twins

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A previous study found that a woman's diet influences her ability to conceive twins. According to researchers, women who had a diet rich in animal products, like dairy, were five times more likely to get pregnant with twins.

Of course, heredity or having a familial history of multiple pregnancies is also a factor.

What's also interesting is that those in their late 30s have more chances of having multiple pregnancies. Why? Women tend to release multiple eggs upon ovulation as they get older.

Want To Conceive Twins? You Can Increase Your Chances

Another interesting study, published in the Journal of Reproductive Medicine, claims that women who are taller are more likely to get pregnant with twins.

But don't lose hope if you are intent on having multiple pregnancies!

In my own experience as a nurse, I have found that many women go on to conceive twins naturally without any of the factors mentioned above.

Just remember that what matters most is that you make every effort to make sure that you have a healthy pregnancy, regardless of how many babies you will be bringing into the world!

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