How To Create A Balanced Diet With Nigerian Food

How To Create A Balanced Diet With Nigerian Food

For every mother, the first thing that comes to our minds when it comes to food is how to keep our family healthy. The kids need to stay sharp and strong to be happy. It is why we try our best to give them the best while making it delicious as well. The question of how to create a balanced diet with Nigerian food is common.

This is because Nigerian staple foods like rice and yam fall under carbohydrates. While some may not know, there are absolutely great ways you can make your Nigerian meals delicious and balanced with all the needed nutrients.

How To Create a Balanced Diet With Nigerian Food

The truth is most Nigerian foods are very healthy, the trick to creating these is knowing what to put together.

But first, you have to know which nutrients are in which food


how to create balanced diet with nigerian food

When this is present in your meal, your family is provided with energy.  There is no doubt when it comes to the importance of energy for the day to day activities. Even if it is for little junior to run outside and play.

You can find this nutrient is most food like rice, garri, pasta, maize, yam, wheat, amala, sweet potatoes, etc.  In these foods, you will get the digestible form of carbohydrate.


Balanced diet for nigerians

Protein is one of the most important nutrients to have in the meals you prepare. It provides the needed properties to help make your kid healthy by boosting their immune systems and making up of muscle tissues.

You’ll get protein from foods like egg, beef, milk, beans, pork, etc.

Fats (Lipids):

Avocado pear

Having this is just like having energy stored for later use. It is basically you saving up on energy in your adipose tissue that could be used at a later time when needed.

This can be gotten from Skimmed milk, peanut butter, sardines, olive oil, salmon fish, etc.

People try to avoid fats because they are worried about weight and obesity issue. This is a legit worry but the main problem that should be avoided is Trans/saturated fats. Natural fats are just fine.


Vegetables for a healthy diet

These are super important because they assist the body when it is time to fight against some diseases. They can be found mainly in fruits and vegetables. You are sure to find Vitamin A, B, C, D, E and K in most of those.


Healthy balance diet fish

When making meals, you should never forget the importance of minerals. Different minerals play a different role in the body and they are collectively superb and helpful to have in the body. The absence of some minerals in the body can lead to some really fatal health complications.  Calcium helps with the bones which every kid needs and Iron helps transport oxygen through the blood.

You are sure to get these in Milk, salt, red meat (beef), fish, potatoes, rice, etc.


This helps with the cholesterol and prevents digestion problems and actually helps move food through your intestines easily.

This can be gotten from Vegetables, brown rice, banana, mango, etc.


Water is important or a healthy lifestyle

Water is the most important of this entire table of nutrients because it is highly needed by the body. It prevents dehydration.

To get this: eat fruits like watermelon and oranges and drink lots of water.

How Do I Get A Balanced Diet With These

You can now select Nigerian foods that fall under each category and make something delicious and healthy with it.

For example, your daily meals food table should look like this:

Breakfast: Rice, stew, meat, and water

Lunch: Pasta, vegetables, fish, and water

Dinner: Potato porridge, spinach or pumpkin, meat, and water or orange juice

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Source: Pulse NG

Written by

Lydia Ume