Meet Jonah Larson, The 11 Year Old Crotchet Prodigy

Meet Jonah Larson, The 11 Year Old Crotchet Prodigy

Meet Jonah Larson, an 11-year-old crochet prodigy, He taught himself how to crochet step by step when he was just 5 years old

This is a lesson to us all to never underestimate the works of our hands. With diligence and hard work, the sky is the starting point. It definitely seems so for little Jonah Larson, an 11-year-old boy who is a crochet prodigy. Jonah uses his after-school time for crocheting work, and he is saving for scholarships and retirement. While his peers are playing it off after school, the young crochet genius is immersing himself in work and he isn't going unnoticed. People who follow his works from around the world send in boxes filled with yarns and appreciation letters. And according to his mother Jennifer, these boxes tend to come in from countries like England and Canada. People are worried that crochet tradition is fast fading and they are delighted to find a boy of Jonah's age keeping the tradition alive. If you're looking to give crochet a try, this article will provide a guide on how to crochet step by step. 

How to crochet step by step 

how to crochet step by step

Jonah found his love for crocheting at the age of five. He began with a YouTube video and a hook he found in a book. Might just be your turn to fall in love with crocheting. Let's get to it.

  • Make a slip knot: To make a slip knot, lay the yarn down and loop it. The tail (short piece) should be on the yarn. Then make it go around the longer yarn, and then gently pull the middle yarn with your thumb and forefinger thereafter. Hold the tail and pull the loop tight. 
  • Tighten the loop: Hold the loop in your left hand, then slide the hook into the middle of the loop, and tighten the loop around the hook. Not too tight though. 
  • How to hold the thread: The aim here is to do it well so that there is space to move your hook. The side with the longest thread, turn it around your pinkie and then twist it around the top of your index finger. Then hold the tail (the short side) with your ring and middle finger. The hook is in your right hand all this while. 
  • Start the chain: Now you can start with the starting chain switch. Twist the thread around your hook and pull through the loop.


how to crochet step by step

  • Finish the chain: Avoid making the loop too tight so that you can go on to the second loop. Keep going until you have a chain.
  • Start the first row: Now, after the first chain the trick is to keep going. To start the first row, put the hook in the second chain and you'll now have two loops around your hook.
  • Crocheting the chained row: Latch onto the yarn on your left hand with the hook and draw it through the first loop. Repeat the process but this time draw it through both loops. Repeat until you reach the end of the chained row. 
  • Finishing: Cut the long side of your yarn and then pull it through the loop. 


Crocheting is taught in different ways, so people learn differently. What matters is that you get to crochet in the end.

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