4 Easy Ways To Cut Your Baby's Fingernails

4 Easy Ways To Cut Your Baby's Fingernails

Here's how to cut your baby's nails without injuring her.

Your baby's nails, just like an adult's nails can get long and sharp. Apart from harbouring germs, your baby could end up scratching him/herself and mummy. To stop your baby from scratching him/herself, you have to cut their nails every two or three days during the first three weeks after birth. It is not an easy thing to do especially when they are awake, but here are some tips to ease the process.

How To Cut Baby Nails In 4 Easy Ways

Most parents find it so difficult to bring scissors anywhere near their little ones and not without good reason. It is quite possible for you to end up cutting your baby's skin in the middle of the exercise. Despite this possibility, cutting your baby's fingernails is a task you must undertake because if you don't, the baby will continue to scratch his or her skin, facial skin especially. This exercise isn't easy, since baby nails are so tiny and delicate. Most parents use baby nail clippers, safety scissors, or a fine emery board. Here's how you can do it easily and safely:

  • File them down

4 Easy Ways To Cut Your Baby's Fingernails

Filing your baby's fingernails with an emery board takes more time but it's the safest and easiest option. The skin under the baby's nails is very tender, so you must be careful not to file it in the process. And whatever you do, don't file your baby's fingernails using a metal file. It's simply too rough for such tender nails.

  • Use a baby nail clipper

how to cut baby nails

Using a nail clipper is easier because there's a chance you've used it to cut your nails before. To cut your baby's nails with a nail clipper, push back each tip of the finger gently to create space for the clipper. The reason for this is that it prevents you from clipping your baby's fingers. For the toenails, make sure you keep your baby's toenails firm as you clip to prevent any movement. Also, clip above the white nail line so you don't cut fingers too close.

  • Clip while baby sleeps

Sometimes, movement from the baby is what makes you cut his or her skin when you're only trying to cut the fingernails. Thankfully, letting the baby fall asleep before you get to work solves the problem of movement. Still, if the place is a bit dark, make sure you have sufficient lighting as you undertake this exercise.

  • Distract and relax

cut while she sleeps

Newborns are in the habit of clenching their fists when alert, which reduces the gap between the fingertip and fingernail, making it harder to reach the nails. So if you plan on cutting your baby's fingernails while she is awake, find a way to distract her and make sure you both are relaxed. A good time to cut her nails is right after a bath because at this time her nails are softer and she's more relaxed. However, when you start cutting and she tenses up, take a break and give her some time to relax.

What if I still don't have the courage to cut my baby's fingernails?

It's okay even if after trying all the above you still couldn't bring yourself to do it. You can get someone to do it for you, but that someone shouldn't be just anybody. Seek out a regular nanny, a grandparent, an uncle or aunt who's willing to do it. This is because these people most likely have some experience doing it and may not find it so hard. They'll teach you how to do it or help you hold the baby still while you do it.

However, while you're waiting for this grandparent, aunt or uncle to come over, you should put mittens on your baby's hands to prevent scratching, especially while she sleeps. Some parents try to bite their baby's fingernails, but this isn't healthy because it can introduce germs.

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