6 Tips For How To Get More Sexually Active With Your Partner

6 Tips For How To Get More Sexually Active With Your Partner

Good blood flow to your sexual organs is vital for sexual arousal. One way to increase blood flow is by getting out and moving more.

Everyone’s sex drive is different and will likely change due to circumstances; over the course of their life. Recent research has shown that for women over 50, lack of libido can be a real issue; with 75% suffering from a reduced sex drive. Of course, the main thing that kills libido is stress, so being as relaxed as possible is essential. But there are a number of other natural ways a low sex drive can be combated. We'll be sharing tips with you about how to get more sexually active with your partner.

6 Tips For How To Get More Sexually Active With Your Partner

Several experts and nutritionists have outlined some reliable methods in improving sex drive that can help women of any age. From eating chocolate and using lube through to pelvic exercises and supplements, here are 1o things to try if you feel your libido is lower than you want it to be.

Here's How To Get More Sexually Active

Keep it pumpin'!

6 Tips For How To Get More Sexually Active With Your Partner

‘Poor circulation and blood flow can lead to stagnant energy within the body. This is further going to worsen the problem of low libido. Good blood flow to your sexual organs is vital for arousal, sexual stimulation and pleasure. The more your blood flow, the more intense the orgasm. One way to increase blood flow is by getting out and moving more.

Try to add at least 20 minutes of heartbeat raising exercise to your routine each day. This could be as simple as a brisk walk, a session on a mini-trampoline or a visit to the gym. Adequate hydration will help too, purified water, fruit teas, and herbal teas add to your hydration levels.

Boost with basil

how to get more sexually active

Granted, it’s not the most obvious of food choices. However, bear with us! Basil can help increase circulation, stimulate the sex drive and boost fertility. And, surprisingly, the scent of basil (supposedly) drives us wild with desire.

Basil oil was used by Mediterranean prostitutes as perfume, to attract their customers. A dab of fresh basil behind your ears ladies? No, we thought not, but add some fresh basil to your salad to help get your libido going!

Communication is key

Relationship troubles can contribute to loss of sexual desire. If you don’t feel listened to, respected or important it is natural to respond with resentment; and that resentment can dampen libido. It’s important to open the lines of communication with your partner, so that anger can be expressed in places other than the bedroom. If the problem is severe, such as infidelity, you may want to go to a relationship counsellor. This tip is especially important if you're thinking of how to get more sexually active.

Lower stress

Stress plays a huge role in libido reduction. The ingredients that our bodies use to make stress hormones are the same ingredients that are used to make sex hormones. Your body will always prioritize the production of stress hormones over anything else.

how to get more sexually active

Stress, sleep and anxiety are all related. If we don’t get enough sleep, we can find it harder to adapt to challenging situations. And when we can’t cope as efficiently with stress it can be harder to have a good night's rest. Experts recommend taking Magnesium, which is known as “nature’s tranquilizer” and is needed to relax our muscles and nerves. This helps us to fall into a peaceful sleep. To ensure you’re getting enough magnesium, try and include plenty of magnesium-rich foods in your diet such as pumpkin and sunflower seeds, fish and leafy green vegetables.

Loosen up those pelvic muscles

Addressing emotional or psychological issues can help to boost your libido. Any unresolved issues may lead to stress, mental anguish, and anxiety. Boosting self-esteem is important for increasing libido. Remember that sexy is a feeling rather than a look, so appreciating yourself, regardless of your hang-ups will help.

Meditation, yoga and other forms of exercise can be beneficial to both self-esteem and free-flowing energy.  The yoga and exercise will help to loosen up the muscles in the pelvic areas; allowing good blood and energy flow to the pelvis and surrounding areas. While on the other side, meditation helps to calm the mind and connect you to your higher self. This will help plant positive thoughts and emotions.

Wetter is better

It is much better down where it's wetter and as we age, our sex hormones naturally deplete. The loss of oestrogen can cause the tissues of the genital organs to shrink and for everything to become less sensitive. The lack of oestrogen causes a loss of vaginal secretions, which can make sex uncomfortable. And no one wants uncomfortable sex. Although aging is inevitable, there are natural lubricants that you can use to make things a little more pleasurable.

Bonus tip: Avoid an irritated vagina

Vaginal dryness can affect women of all ages; but it is particularly common in women during menopause, affecting half of all women at this stage in their life. It is perhaps the most distressing and least talked about symptom of the menopause.

Vaginal dryness can make your vagina feel dry, itchy and at times tender. It may take you longer to become lubricated during lovemaking; this can make sexual intercourse feel uncomfortable, or even painful. Avoid douches, talcum powder, hot baths, perfumed toilet papers, and bath oils and foams, as they can irritate the vagina. Don’t wash the inside of your vagina with soap as this will dry out the skin. The vagina is self-cleansing and in most cases, warm water is all that you need to wash it. Vitamin intake is key.

Ensuring that you have adequate sex hormone production is essential for maintaining libido. Once you have decreased your stress levels and investigated any underlying cause, you can look at some foods and herbs which may be beneficial. Vitamin B6 contributes to the regulation of hormonal activity.  Increase your B6 rich foods such as; avocados, walnuts chicken and mackerel. Eat more fish too, because Omega 3 does wonders for your sex esteem!

And that's how to get more sexually active in one article.

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