How To Easily Get Rid Of Fruit Flies

How To Easily Get Rid Of Fruit Flies

Fruit flies can be quite hard to get rid off, and they breed fast. This article will show you five different methods to get rid of fruit flies.

These little things are annoyingly pesky. A lot of people are not sure how to get rid of fruit flies. Thanks to their tiny size, they give you the impression that they're appearing out of thin air. That's because every crack, every tiny hole or gap is a medium through which they can potentially make an entry. Next thing you see them around your kitchen dustbin, and near any place where there's fruit. And when they show up at your house, to leave they'll need plenty of encouragement from you. 

Fruit flies appear when the weather is warm. They thrive during this time. Those tiny antennas on top of their head can latch onto the smell of rotten fruits from a kilometre away. And it is not only the smell of fruits that attract them. They're also attracted by other rotten smells. Now here's another kicker. The females reproduce so fast and can lay more than a hundred eggs a day. This is why a few of them can enter your home at first and before you know it there are dozens and dozens of them everywhere. 

5 Ways to get rid of fruit flies

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Since we've established that they'll need encouragement to leave your home, and since swatting fruit flies one by one is fruitless, below are ways you can get rid of them. 

  • Candle trap 

This one is quite easy. Light a candle and stick it on a flat plate or a bowl preferably. Fill the bowl with water and take it close to the fruit flies infected area. Turn off the lights so that the candle becomes the only source of light in the room. Make sure you close the curtains, blocking any lights that may be coming from outside. Then stand by and watch these little buggers fly to their death. Either death by fire or death by water. 

  • Leftover wine

That leftover wine you aren't going to drink, put it to good use here. Beer works too. And any other fermented drinks. The trick is to create a trap. Pour the leftover wine into a container and keep it close to the infested area. The wine's smell will attract them and then the liquid will trap them when they make contact. 

  • Sticky fly trap

The sticky fly trap works like a charm. All you need to do is hang them in your kitchen, bathroom, or wherever else is infested with fruit flies in your home. As the name implies, it is sticky. So it easily catches any fruit fly that flies into it. 

  • Rotten fruits

There's a hint of poetic justice in using the same thing that attracted the fruit flies in the first place to kill them. Place the rotten fruit in a bowl and cover with clear plastic or cloth that is clear and light. Poke a few holes on the cloth or plastic using something tiny and sharp like a toothpick. Then place close to the infested area. The rotten fruit attracts them while the cloth or plastic traps them inside. 

  • Blow dryer

For their stubbornness, fruit flies deserve what's coming to them. This one works pretty quickly. Pull out your blow dryer and turn it on. The air should be blowing away from the fans. This way the suction at the side with suck the fruit flies in and the heater inside the blow dryer will get to work. 


Practising some preventive measures is another sure-fire way to not have to deal with any fruit flies at all. Covering your dustbin, keeping damp areas dry, doing your dishes on time are some of the preventive measures you could start with. 

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