Safe Sex without Protection: How to UP your game!

Safe Sex without Protection: How to UP your game!

How to have Safe Sex without Protection?

Every sexually active person has wondered how many days after period is safe to avoid pregnancy. The thought of an unplanned pregnancy scares even married couples, and most times, thinking about it too much can affect their sex lives. Sex is more enjoyable when you aren’t busy wondering about contraception.

There are a million and one contraceptives in the market, and couples can choose a method that works for them. Many people swear by IUDs, condoms, spermicides, etc. The availability of various forms of protection notwithstanding, many people still prefer to have sex without protection. The challenge now is how to prevent pregnancy without using contraception.

how to have safe sex without protection

How Does Fertilisation Occur?

To effectively practice safe sex without protection, you have to, first of all, understand how pregnancy occurs.

The process of fertilization starts from the woman’s menstrual cycle. It all begins with ovulation, which is a period when the woman’s egg is released into the fallopian tube. There, the egg waits for the sperm to fertilize it. When there is no fertilization after 24-48 hours, the egg disintegrates and uterus lining breaks down and the woman’s period begins

If fertilization occurs, the fertilized egg implants itself into the side of the uterus and forms a zygote.

Practicing safe sex without contraception is all about calculating how many days after your period is safe to have sex.

The Importance of Safe Sex

Safe sex is important because it helps reduce the risk of unplanned pregnancies. But it becomes challenging when the couple love unprotected sex but are unwilling to take the chance with having another child. There could be many reasons why a couple decides to prevent baby-making. To be honest, a baby is another mouth to feed, and couples have to be very deliberate about pregnancies and childbirth.

Unprotected sex can be safe if the couple can perfectly calculate how many days after period is safe to avoid pregnancy.

how to have safe sex without protection

Safe Sex Myths

When it comes to safe, unprotected sex, there are a lot of suggestions on preventing pregnancies. While some of these tips can leave you scratching your head in wonder, some of them are outright ridiculous.

Here are a few unprotected sex tips that you should never consider.

Period Sex is Safe

No, it isn’t. This is especially true for people with irregular menstrual cycles. The sperm can survive in a woman’s body for up to 5 days, and fertilization can occur if there is an onset of early ovulation. If your cycle is irregular, you should discount the myth that your period is a safe time to have sex without the risk of pregnancy.

Pulling Out before Ejaculation can Prevent Pregnancy

This isn’t really true. A drop of sperm is enough to fertilize millions of eggs, so pulling out doesn’t guarantee safety. If the man pulls out a split second too late, then it is game over. To be on the safe side, try not to put too much stock on the pull out method. Seek other forms of contraception since this method isn’t exactly fool-proof.

You Can’t Get pregnant if the Penis is Outside the Vagina

The penis is an organ that always means business. It seldom jokes around, and you should give it the respect it deserves. This means that it can do its job of impregnating whether or not there’s penetration. To this end, avoid rubbing it on the vagina, as you could unwittingly introduce some sperm into yourself. Remember, all it takes is a few drops of sperm, and voila, pregnancy.

You Can Drain Out all the Sperm after Ejaculation

Right after ejaculation, millions of sperm cells are already swimming at high speed towards the egg. There’s a reason why sperm cells are called swimmers. They are incredibly fast. So, disregard any safe sex tip saying you can prevent pregnancy by hunching down and removing the sperm after sex. Chances are that one lucky sperm has already implanted on your egg before you even get off from the bed.

how to have safe sex without protection

Antibiotics Can Help Prevent Pregnancy

No, they don’t. Using antibiotics as contraceptive will only cause you to develop a resistance to antibiotics, which means that your body will find it hard to fight off infections in the future.

Drinking Bitter Lemon Soda after Sex Will Prevent a Pregnancy

Bitter lemon soda is great for quenching your thirst on a super-sunny day, but unfortunately, it can’t prevent pregnancy. In Nigeria, a lot of women believe that they can avoid getting pregnant if they drink this soft drink immediately before and after sex. Unfortunately, this doesn’t work to prevent sperm from fertilizing an egg.

How Many Days after Period is Safe to Have Sex?

The calendar-based contraception method is highly effective for preventing unplanned pregnancies. It is the best method for women whose menstrual cycle last anywhere from 26 to 32 days. If you want to know how many days after period is safe to have sex, you’ll have to adopt the calendar-based method.

How to Calculate Fertile Days

The first day of menstruation is also the first day of the menstrual cycle. The calendar-based method works best if a woman avoids sex between day 8 of the menstrual cycle and day 19. From day 8 to day 19, there’s a high chance of pregnancy if the couple has unprotected sex.

The couple can have sex from the first day of the cycle to day 7. These are safe days.

Sex is also safe from day 20 to the beginning of the next cycle, which is the first day of the woman’s period.

how to have safe sex without protection

Can Everyone Use the Calendar-Based Method?

Unfortunately, the calendar-based method isn’t effective for everyone.  

This method doesn’t work well for:

  • Women with Irregular periods
  • Women who have recently had an abortion
  • Women who have recently had a miscarriage
  • Women who have recently given birth
  • Women with irregular vaginal bleeding
  • Women who are taking drugs that may cause irregular vaginal bleeding
  • Breastfeeding women who haven’t had at least three periods since childbirth.Also Read : 4 Sex positions with handcuffs for adventurous couples

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