Signs Wey Go Show You De Right Partner Wey God Give You

Signs Wey Go Show You De Right Partner Wey God Give You

If you wan know as you go take identify the right partner wey God use im hand pick for you, dis article go guide you.

Love na beautiful thing. God na love and wen you involve am, e go fit helep you for de right choice for partner. Just as we dey comit our wey to God before we dey take any step, e dey proper to comit our love life to God too so Im go fit guide us as we go take waka. With plenty disguise wey dey go on dis days, e dey hard to identify the right partner, God sent love.

Even if you find your partner from inside church, e nor mean sey im go dey Godlike. De church contain different different kind of people, both de good and de bad ones. E get some signs wey be sey if you see dem, na sign sey e fit be de right partner for you; make we discuss am.

how to identify the right partner

·         E nor contradict God’s word

Your partner suppose helep you dey stronger with God no be de other way round. As partners, una go dey pray together and share de word of God together. If you don notice sey instead of make e helep you to grow for God’s word im dey discourage for tins about God, avoid am, Im no be from God.

·         Im respect you

Your partner suppose know how to treat you well and respect you whether you dey dere or you nor dey dere. Once you realise sey your partner respect you and im dey treat you well, na one way to identify God sent love.

·         Im dey make sacrifices

If your partner truly love you, im go ready to sacrifice time, money and any other tin wey dey dear to am for you. Dis na reciprocal, you too must be able to sacrifice tins wey dey dear to you for him or her. Once you don notice sey in fit make sacrifice for you, na sign sey na God sent.

·         Una share de same belief

Another sign na wen you notice sey you and your partner dey share de same belief and moral values. Una belief about God, de way una take dey worship God, una belief about values, all dese suppose be de same. Na dis kain belief and values una go share with una pikin wen una don settle down.

·         Im love you for who you be

If person dey sent from God, im go love you base on who you be. You no need to be de richest for de world or de most beautiful, your partner go love for truly for who you be. So dat if at all money no dey again or beauty run comot, una love go still tanda gidigba and notin go fit move am.

·         Im dey willing to forgive

E suppose dey easy for your partner to forgive you. Nor be sey im go dey hold grudge wen you do sometin wey offend am. Your partner no suppose dey vex too much, im gat to know how to take manage im anger. Remember, you plan to spend de rest of your life with your partner, if im no dey open to forgive, dey careful to enter such relationship.

You no dey fear to express yourself wen you dey with am

Relationship suppose dey open and lovely. Nor be sometin wey suppose bring fear. You and your partner suppose fit share wetin dey una mind witout fear or intimidation.

signs of a god sent love

Dese signs na how to identify God sent love. Love na beautiful tin wen you share am with person wey you truly get feelings for. If you trust God sey Im fit guide you, Im go guide you right. Watch out for dese signs as you dey study and pray about your partner.

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Written by

Tony S Abiodun