How to initiate sex with husband and spice up your marriage

How to initiate sex with husband and spice up your marriage

Sex is beneficial for your marriage, so you need to take things into your own hands and find out how to initiate sex with husband. The man doesn’t always have to do all the work. A simple thing like reaching for him first could bring back the spark in the bedroom.

how to initiate sex with husband

Sex is beneficial for your marriage, so don’t be afraid to make the first move

Why should you risk it all and learn how to initiate sex with husband?

There are many reasons you should take the lead in the bedroom.

I. It could revive your sex life

Couples in sexless marriages can reverse the situation if both partners work towards bringing back the fire. Your sex life is a two-way street, meaning that you will both have to make an effort to bring back intimacy in your marriage.

II. It’s a great way to increase your confidence

The effort you put into initiating sex will sex as a confidence boost for you. Think of all the good things it will do for your ego to reach for your husband and have him respond to you eagerly.

III. It can inspire you to try new things in the bedroom

There’s no way you’ll put in the effort to know how to initiate sex with husbandand actually pull it off without thinking how much you could achieve. Go ahead and act out every fantasy you have ever had.

Iv. It shows you man that you desire him

Women aren’t the only ones who want to feel loved. Your husband will love to see you make the effort to heat things up in the bedroom. There’s a popular saying that what’s sauce for the goose is also sauce for the gander.

v. Initiating sex with your husband will make your marriage stronger

The role of intimacy in marriage can never be downplayed. Sex can strengthen the bonds of your union and draw you and your man closer to each other.

how to initiate sex with husband

Want to know how to initiate sex with husband? Be bold!

How to initiate sex with husband

Think about sex, a lot

You have to get your mind in the zone if you want to pull this off successfully. Thinking about sex will get you in the mood. You can also use this time to plan the perfect time to spring your surprise

You actually have to want it

Enthusiasm is contagious. When your husband sees how eager and hot you are for him, he is sure to react in kind.

 Initiating sex means initiating sex!

You don’t initiate sex by just turning around to face his side of the bed. He probably won’t know you want to have sex because you suggested retiring to bed after dinner when he just wanted to watch football. Okay, so you bought sexy lingerie for the occasion, but he might just compliment your bold choice of nightwear and then turn around and start snoring if you don’t actually reach out to him.

The goal is to be obvious about your desire.

Try not to be too embarrassed

This one can be a little hard, especially if you had previously believed that the man should always ask for sex first. When embarrassment sets in, remember that this man is your husband, and this is (probably) not the first time you will be having sexual relations with him. Take a deep breath and calm down!

Your husband won’t shame you for having a sex drive. Chances are he’ll be just as eager to jump into bed with you.

Flirt with him all day before you actually make your move

Now that you are in the mood, you can also get your husband to anticipate having sex with you. The best way to do this is to tell him how much you want him throughout the day. Send him flirty text messages informing him of all the sexy plans you have for him. Remind him of the things he likes you to do to him and then tell him how you can’t wait to do those things.

Be bold

You have successfully overcome your embarrassment, now grab your man and give him the big kiss you have been thinking about all day. Tell him how much you want him. Knowing how to initiate sex with husbandwill only work well if you put that knowledge to good use.

Boldness will mean striking whenever the urge strikes. Do you feel like grabbing your man and wrestling his clothes off on the way to the bedroom? Then do just that! Don’t waste time thinking about it too much. You might just end up discouraging yourself from going for it.

Don’t be afraid to touch

Telling him you are hot and ready is one thing, SHOWING him is a different subject altogether. You know how they say that actions speak louder than words?

Reach for him first. Kiss his neck when he least expects it. Give him backrubs (yes, men love those too!) and follow up with a sensual massage ending with a steamy session between the sheets


Sex is a beautiful thing, but it can become a chore if your husband always has to make the first move. These tips on how to initiate sex with husbandwill give you the boldness you need to take charge.

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