How to make a baby chubby

How to make a baby chubby

Moms get worried when their babies don’t gain enough weight. While it is normal to wonder if there is something wrong with the baby’s health, you should definitely voice your concerns to your baby’s doctor. Your paediatrician will work with you to determine if your baby is getting enough calories and tell you how to make a baby chubby.

How to make a baby chubby

Children require five servings of fruits and vegetables daily

How to know if your baby is underweight

You might have your fears about your baby’s weight, but the only way to know if your baby is underweight is to weigh them in a hospital. The weight of your child will be based on their age, height and sex. Your child’s doctors and nurses can offer solutions as to how to safely make a baby chubby if they find that the baby is underweight.

How to make a baby chubby – things to know before you change your baby’s diet

1. Resist the temptation to overfeed the child

Don’t be scared that your child will lose even more weight. There is no need to feed overfeed the baby or give them more food than their little bodies can handle. This will only cause more problems for your baby.

2. Unhealthy food can also cause additional problems for your baby

Fast food may be fattening, but that’s not the best for your baby. Increasing your baby’s weight will require a step-by-step approach. Chocolates, sweets, cakes and sugary soft drinks should not be added to the baby’s diet.

3. Follow a balanced, child-friendly diet

Your underweight baby needs a balanced diet that is suitable for their age. How to make a baby chubby will require a lot of research into what the child should be eating and how often you should feed them.

4. Ensure your baby isn’t skipping meals or snacks

You can increase your baby’s weight by feeding them regularly, making sure they are eating all their meals and snacks. It might be harder to feed fussy eaters, but your patience and determination will pay off once your baby reaches a healthy weight.

how to make a baby chubby

How to make a baby chubby: your child needs milk and other dairy products

Balanced diet to make a baby chubby

Babies need to get the right amount of nutrients and calories to reach a healthy weight. This is especially true for children who have passed the six-month exclusive breastfeeding stage. The NHS suggests that your baby’s meals should include the following:

• Not less than five portions of fruits and vegetables daily
This means that you should introduce watermelons, pineapples, cucumbers, and ugu leaves to the child’s diet.

• Starchy carbohydrates
Starchy carbohydrates include rice, bread, noodles, yams, and potatoes. If the child has already started eating solid foods, you can add fufu, eba, and semo to the mix.

• Proteins
Babies need proteins to grow, so feel free to feed them meat, eggs, beans, iced fish and other proteins.

• Dairy
You need to prepare a food plan that includes whole milk, yoghurt and other dairy products.

• Healthy oils
For a healthy weight gain, your baby needs to eat unsaturated oils in small quantities. Low-fat butter and healthy cooking oils are important in their diet.

• Water
Your desire to find out how to make a baby chubbywill be unproductive if the child isn’t drinking enough water.

how to make a baby chubby

Be patient with fussy eaters

How to make a baby chubby with exclusive breastfeeding

Doctors recommend exclusive breastfeeding for babies six months and younger. You can determine if your baby is growing well by following a growth chart from your paediatrician. The chart is different for boys and girls because both sexes don’t grow at the same rate. If your baby’s weight falls below the chart, you should check to rule out the following problems:

• The baby may not be getting enough milk

• It could be a normal growth adjustment for the baby

• There could be a medical problem involved

• Genetic issues can also prevent your baby from gaining weight

You should seek proper medical intervention if you discover that your child’s low weight is as a result of underlying problems.

Tips to help your baby gain weight

There are a few tips and tricks to help mothers who want their babies to become chubby. These tips will make sure your baby gets all the calories they need before they start to feel full.

Don’t start their meals with starchy carbohydrates like yams and potatoes. These will make them feel full before they’ve eaten enough. Start with fruits and vegetables before finishing off with carbohydrates.

Don’t give the baby too much water while they are eating. Water tends to make them feel too full even before they’ve finished eating. Water should come at the end of the meal and between meals.

Ask your paediatrician about vitamins for children. They might recommend some vitamin drops for underweight children, which could help your child gain more weight.

Now that you have learned how to make a baby chubby, you will need to be patient to see results. Your baby will gain weight after you’ve made a few dietary changes and followed the tips and tricks in this article.

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