How To Make My Wife Happy Everyday: Recommended Tips From Experts

How To Make My Wife Happy Everyday: Recommended Tips From Experts

Men often say they don't know what women want. But we think it's pretty simple.

It's a common saying that it's impossible to satisfy women, and many men have bought into that lie. But women are human beings, and every human being wants connection, validation, honesty, and support. Women are no different, except the ways in which we want to receive these gifts may vary. So if you're a man whose biggest question is about "how to make my wife happy everyday", you're in luck! We've got you covered in this article.

It's another Valentine's season, and some man somewhere is wondering: how to make my wife happy everyday? Well, because even though it's official love season, everyday should be a new opportunity to show your wife you love her, right? So we've come up with some very helpful tips that will no doubt help your wife see just how much you love and value her. Not just at special times, but everyday and always. Have a look at them below!

How To Make My Wife Happy Everyday In These Easy Steps

how to make my wife happy everyday

Make communication a priority

To make your wife or any partner happy, you need to take communication seriously. This is not to say that you must always agree, because that's quite impossible. But your wife will feel very connected to you if you really listen to what she says. How to do this? Focus completely on her when she speaks to you. Turn off the television; soccer can wait. So can your mobile phone. Just listen with all your attention.

Learn her love language, and then use it every day.

You could buy the book The 5 Love Languages: The Secret to Love that Lasts by Gary Chapman and read it. It will help you understand your wife's love language. And before long you'll be a pro at speaking it! Then you can use what you have learned in relating to her everyday.

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Remind your partner (and yourself) that you appreciate them.

In his film “Annie Hall,” Woody Allen charged that “a relationship is like a shark. It has to constantly move forward or it dies.” He is so right! After you have been married for some years, it's easy to take your wife or any partner for granted sometimes. But it helps to be intentional about appreciating your wife for all the ways she simplifies your life. Or even for still staying married to you, haha!

“She already knows she’s important to me,” is not a nice thing to say. If you haven’t made her feel special in the past four hours, then you’ve wasted too much time.

 Say I love you often.

The top misnomer believed by unromantic men is this: I shouldn’t have to say it, she should know. But they couldn't be more wrong.


how to make my wife happy everyday

Be interested in her thoughts and feelings.

If there's something which your wife is struggling with, ask about it; even if you don't find it interesting or if it evokes negative feelings. This shows that you care about her inner life. When she's down, ask questions; unless she specifically asks for space, don't leave her to wallow by herself.

Say thank you for the little things.

Try not to count scores, constantly calculating who did what. Playing tit for tat is childish and will only chip away at the trust and connection you’ve built with your wife. If you have that tendency, keep score of all the positive things your partner does in a day instead; and then thank her. Hopefully, she’ll get the hint and do the same for you.


Practice honesty, even when you’re ashamed.

Eventually, you can bet the truth is going to come back to bite you. Whether you’re applying for a loan or simply talking about the costs of school fees, the truth never stays buried. And it will be a tough road gaining back your spouse’s trust if you’ve lied about something.

Also, if you feel you aren’t connecting with your partner the way you used to, you need to say something. Now.

Watch your words.

There are many things you should never say to a longtime spouse. It’s also never a good idea to start a sentence with: “You know it’s always been your problem that...” Who wants to hear that from their husband? We hopefully all have a pretty good sense of ourselves at this point; and having someone you love point out a weakness in this way does little to engender a loving relationship.


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