How to prepare for a disaster for kids

How to prepare for a disaster for kids

If you live in an area that is prone to natural disasters, you’ll need to get ready to move with very short notice. Natural disasters are hard on adults, but they are especially traumatizing for kids. As a parent or guardian, you are tasked with keeping your whole family safe in the event of an earthquake or flood. To make sure that everyone is safe, you will need to learn how to prepare for a disaster for kidsand adults.

how to prepare kids for a disaster

What is a natural disaster?

According to Basic Planet, a natural disaster is a catastrophic event caused by nature and other natural processes of the Earth. If these events occur in an area where no one lives, they are not natural disasters. This means that the place has to be populated before it is termed a disaster.

The following are some of the natural disasters that cause a massive loss in lives and property:

• Earthquake
• Flood
• Hurricanes
• Drought
• Volcanic eruption
• Tsunami
• Tornado
• Wildfire
• Avalanche
• Mudslide

Effects of natural disasters

Disasters often lead to a loss on a massive scale, and that’s why it is necessary to learn how to prepare for a disaster for kids.

Some of the effects are:

• Death

People can lose their lives from falling trees, freezing, drowning, getting washed away, and heatstroke

• Loss of property

People often lose their houses, vehicles, means of livelihood, important documents, means of transportation and food sources.

How to prepare for a disaster for kids: knowing when it will happen

Getting an advanced warning can help you if you have taken the time to learn how to prepare for a disaster for kids. Scientists and geologists have the technology that can predict the appearance and severity of disasters, and the warning can sometimes give a person ample time to prepare to evacuate.

However, there are cases where the time of notice is too short or the disaster sneaks up undetected until it actually happens. In that case, knowing how to prepare for a disaster for kidsand adults is a useful skill to have.

How to prepare for a disaster for kids

It is almost impossible to be fully prepared to handle natural disasters. However, there are steps you can take to make sure you are as ready as possible to face the situation head-on. If you have young children, you have to put in a lot more work to make sure they understand what is happening.

To get your kids disaster-ready, you will have to:

1. Let your kids understand what is happening

You can give your children a crash course on disasters so that they don’t get too scared when it happens. Talking to them will prepare them physically and mentally to cope with the effects. You should reassure them that everything will be okay and that disasters are completely natural.

2. Put together a disaster evacuation kit

A disaster evacuation kit allows you to stay ready to move. You can involve your kids in assembling the things you’d need if your family suddenly needed to move. These should be items that they need to use daily.

3. Pack comfort items

Apart from the disaster kit, you will need to pack comfort items that will keep your kids calm during what could be a traumatic event. You should include stuffed animals, coloring books and crayons, their favourite snacks, games, etc.

how to prepare for a disaster for kids

4. Pack food and other essentials

Your emergency evacuation kit will not be complete without food, formula, water, and medicines. Learning how to prepare for a disaster for kidsgives you the foresight to be ready to move without missing these essential items.

5. Come up with an emergency evacuation plan

Having to suddenly evacuate your home can be chaotic if you don’t plan in advance. Teach the whole family the drill and practice it ahead of time. Your plan can follow the following sequence:

• Assemble at a predetermined point
• Conduct a headcount to make sure everyone is accounted for
• Gather your emergency evacuation kit
• Evacuate the area immediately

Disaster can happen when you aren’t all at home. In this case, you should let your children know who to contact when you are not there.

• Practice the drill until it becomes second nature

Now that you have created a plan, the next step is to make sure no one forgets any of the steps. Practice it periodically until everyone can pull it off effortlessly.

• Make sure the kids understand your disaster preparedness plan at their own level

The information you are passing to the kids should be imparted in a language they can understand. The whole process will be made less chaotic once they know what is happening and the role they have to play.

Disasters can have devastating effects on adults, but it can be worse for children. Learning how to prepare for a disaster for kidswill help your family get through evacuation as smoothly as possible.


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