How To Prepare For College: Wetin Parents Fit Do To Help Dia Pikin

How To Prepare For College: Wetin Parents Fit Do To Help Dia Pikin

Oprah Winfrey Leadership Academy for Girls (OWLAG) wey dey for South Africa don do am again o! Di school jus dey excel anyhow, no be small. Di Class of 2019 don folow di step of their senior dem. Dem shatter di 2018 record as di academy get 100% university entrance rate with distinctions wey pass 2018 own. E get work wey parent go do, and di one wey school go do, if pikin go pass exam like dis OWLAG girls dem. Dis tori go tell you how to prepare for college with your pikin dem. Make we tok di OWLAG tori first.

Dem don confirm am for statement say:

“59 OWLAG students naim write di Independent Examinations Board (IEB) National Senior Certificate examination; and dem achieve 197 distinctions total, 46 more distinctions pass di one wey dem get last year. Plenty students follow dey wey achieve around 70%” naim di statement tok.

Make we come tell you how you go helep your pikin to take prepare go college. How you fit take prepare your pikin for college and wetin you fit do naim we go yan now.

How To Prepare For College: Tips Wey You Fit Use

how to prepare for college

Many parents dey expect say their pikin go attend university wey oyibo dey call college. But dem no dey make any preparation to make sure say e go happen. Two tinz fit happen. Di pikin first go di college, make e drop out after; or make e no even go at all. E good make di parent make beta preparation, make dem prepare demself make dem prepare di pikin too. Naim make we bring dis tori. See dis things wey you go do wey go helep you sabi how to prepare for college, both you and your pikin.

Di National Association for College Admission Counseling and ACT for obodo oyibo tok say make parent begin to dey plan for college early.

Dia reason be say:

  • Your pikin need strong preparation early so dat when e go write di college entrance exam e go don dey ready.
  • You sef need to do your homework make college dey easy for you to pay di money. Plenty option dey to reduce di money, but if you no prepare you fit no know. Scholarship dey. low-interest loan dey, part time study sef dey. But e go take time to research all di options and dat na why you need to start early.

Oya see di 7 tips dem for here.

Talk about college


As parent wey you be, your expectations get influence for your pikin dem, but dem fit no want make you know. You fit helep your pikin think of im future. No be say you go tell am say you wan make e go University for Harvard. Just first tok to am about im interests, wetin e like, and how e fit take di thing do work for im future.

Information dey for internet wey fit helep you explore different career dem with your pikin. You fit check our tori on di best university wey dey Nigeria and Africa.

You and your pikin fit even visit one university or college, amke e begin dey picture imself for there.

Make di school be your partner

Secondary school na di time wey parent no dey too dey involved. But na di very time wey your pikin need your encouragement and guidance. If you never do am, go see your pikin tisha. Make dem know say you wan dey know evritin wey dey hapun with your pikin work or im character.You wan know im strength and weakness join. If you sabi anything like activity wey go helep your pikin develop im talent, you suppose share am with di school.

Dey very involved with your pikin choice of class

college costs

De research dey clear: Dem say pikin wey dey do algebra for class 8 and geometry for class 9 dey likely to go college pass pikin wey no do. Dis math classes dem dey important for pikin wey go do science class for secondary school. Math and English dey important. History too, and foreign language.

Your pikin go need computer skills join, so encourage am to learn all dis one for school.

Bottom line: If your pikin go succeed for college, e go good pass ordinary secondary school graduate. E go get something more to offer, and na preparation go helep am.

How to prepare for college: Make you ask about university costs

Pipo wey sabi don tok say e get difrent way wey pesin fit take pay for college school fee. But you go need to sabi dem. Ask kweshun. All dis preparation go helep you; way be say you no go face di wahala wey many parents dey face wey go make dem go take loan. Di tin na work and you go need to start early.

Encourage your pikin to read, read, read

Dis na di baba preparation tip. Make e read everything wey e fit read. Infact, your family fit get vocabulary building game, wey be say una go learn one new word evriday. E go helep your pikin dem.

Look ahead to secondary  school

Secondary school na di launch pad to university. How your pikin dey cope? Na here go determine as your pikin wan take enta college.

Helep your pikin with study skills

Your pikin go need sabi time management and study skills. Na dem go helep am succeed for secondary school and college. E dey easy to teach pikin some of dis tinz now wey e still young; pass when e don grow finish. Make sure say e get quiet place wey your pikin dey do im homework. Den make sure say e get all di study materials dem wey e go need close by. Helep am make e master im routine, den you sef monitor di results. If e need am, helep am get after school coaching join.

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