Man Arrested For Demanding Sex From Daughter Before Paying Her Fees

Man Arrested For Demanding Sex From Daughter Before Paying Her Fees

The statistics of children who have experienced sexual abuse seems to be on the rise. This simple rule can help you protect your kids from sexual abuse.

The police recently arrested Apostle Williams Okon Bassey, the presiding pastor of Mount Zion Light House Full Gospel Church in Uyo, for sexually abusing his daughter and demanding for sex before paying her school fees. With cases like this on the rise, there are certain rules that can help protect kids from sexual abuse.

How Can Kids Be Protected From Sexual Abuse?

Fortune, the 20-year-old daughter of Apostle Williams, revealed that he had been sexually abusing her since she was 13. As a result, she had gotten pregnant thrice and all were aborted by her mother. In a statement Mr Odiko MacDon, the state Police Public Relations Officer revealed that 6 others have also been arrested for alleged incest and defilement. He also urged that cases of sexual harassment be reported quickly so that perpetrators can face the law. With the help of The Underwear Rule, your kids will be encouraged to report any case of abuse immediately.

What is The Underwear Rule?

what is the underwear rule

The Underwear rule was developed by the Council of Europe to teach parents how to explain sexual abuse to their children. This rule states that the child is not to be touched in the areas covered by their underwear. Children are also advised not to touch other people in these areas.

This allows parents to explain in simple terms where people shouldn’t touch the children, what to do if they are touched in these places, and where to report the incident. Parents can differentiate that there are acceptable touches like when a doctor needs to check them and unacceptable touches.

How The Underwear Rule Can Protect Kids From Sexual Abuse

It is important that children learn and believe that their bodies belongs to them. This instills the belief that no one should touch them inappropriately. The Underwear Rule includes teaching your child the correct names for their genitals.

It enforces the fact that your child has the right to refuse hugs and kisses from anyone. And if someone touches them in a way that makes them feel uncomfortable, they should report the matter to you. Also, they should not touch anyone in a way that makes the person uncomfortable. This way, they learn consent from an early age.

consent yes is yes and no is no

  • What kind of touch is inappropriate?

You should teach them what kind of touch is good and what kind is bad. Younger children may find it hard to separate, but explaining to them that their underwear area is off-limits would make it easier to understand.

  • Child molesters use secrecy as a weapon

Fortune's dad threatened to place a curse on her if she ever told anyone. Abusers use fear to silence kids. Teach kids that any secret that makes them sad, afraid or uncomfortable is a bad one, and they should quickly report it.

  • A close relationship with your kids is important

Building a close relationship with your kids will make them feel safe about talking to you when something has gone wrong.

how to protect kids from sexual abuse

  • Remove the shame from talking about sex and sexuality

Have straight conversations with your kids about sex and sexuality. Let them come to you when they have questions

How should kids report any form of abuse?

It is necessary that a kid has someone they can report to. For safety reasons, one should be a family member and another should be someone outside their household. This gives them a sense of safety when reporting cases.

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