How to raise a child with good manners

How to raise a child with good manners

Every parent wants to know how to raise a child with good manners. This makes perfect sense especially when you consider that children who are raised otherwise rarely fare well in civilized societies.

how to raise a child with good manners

In fact, research studies have revealed that people who can’t treat others with decency and kindness are unlikely to have happy marriages, successful careers and healthy relationships. It is important for parents to take those difficult steps to ensure that their children learn the important social etiquettes they need to thrive in the wider world.

Why should your kids learn good manners?

Unlike many other behavioural traits, respect, kindness, and good manners aren’t matters of instinct that children are born with. These virtues are acquired through education and enlightenment. Therefore, for children to develop good manners, there must be a conscious effort on the part of parents and guardians to help them cultivate a taste for it.

How to raise a child with good manners?

Want your children to grow into respectful adults? Here’s how to raise a child with good manners.

how to raise a child with good manners

1. Respect children

Your child will learn good manners and respect from your actions. If you observe children closely, you’ll see that they are curious and eager to learn. Parents must learn to recognize and respect the child’s needs.

Children simply want to explore their environments, go to forbidden places and even interject when adults are having conversations. The correct reaction isn’t to shout them down or banish them from the living room.

Children feel slighted and disrespected when their parents shout at them. So they could end up copying these reactions from the parents.

As a parent, you can gently invite your children into adult conversations by asking for their opinions. That way, they’ll realize their opinions matter and this will make them feel respected.

2. Set good examples

As mentioned before, children are good at copying almost everything they see adults do.
Children are a mirror of their environments. One effective way to raise respectful children is to show by example. Children are great role players and keen observers.
So, for parents wondering how to raise a child with good manners, the simple solution is to lead by example.

3. Give them responsibilities

Every parent is familiar with how children love to test boundaries. Try not to get angry when your child errs. Parents should educate their children on the pros and cons of different actions. When the child does something you don’t approve of, the appropriate thing to do is to enlighten him/her on the importance of acting responsibly. The parent can end the talk by asking the child to give reasons why they think their actions were wrong.

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4. Trust your kids

How to raise a child with good manners will require trust on your part. If you have put in the time to teach your children good manners, you should trust that they’ll never forget their home training.
When children feel they are not trusted, they lose most of the motivation to do the right thing. You should express this trust verbally. The child will work hard not to disappoint you when they know they have your unflinching love and support.

5. Reward good manners

Never forget to reward good behavior. Whenever your children behave respectfully, reward them instantly and let them know why they are being rewarded. This reinforces that behavior until it becomes second nature.
Accordingly, one of the best ways of perfecting how to raise a child with good manners is to cultivate the habit of praising them whenever they behave properly.

6. Stay calm

Children can be a handful. But you have to learn to remain calm even when they seem to be doing everything to make you lose your calm. Resist the temptation to overreact.
Overreacting is a negative response and can be counterproductive. Whenever you let your emotions get the better of you, you may get momentary respite, but your children will also learn to overreact when they are overwhelmed in school or at home.

Parenting requires a lot of hard work and perseverance, especially when the goal is to get things right. Every parent wants children with exemplary character and impeccable manners. Following the tips in this article will teach you how to raise a child with good manners.


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