10 Best Ways To Save Money During This Christmas Season

10 Best Ways To Save Money During This Christmas Season

Here are some creative and festive ways to save money this Christmas so the holiday season doesn't strain your budget, or lose its sparkle!

'Tis the season to trim your tree...and your budget. It's no secret that the holidays bring so much cheer that you often go into spenders overdrive. And then it's January and you're broke and cranky. Don't let this happen to you...again. How to save money at Christmas? Good question. See our very helpful tips below.

How To Save Money At Christmas - 10 Helpful Tips And Tricks

Stick to a Christmas Gift Budget

10 Best Ways To Save Money During This Christmas Season

This is one of the most important things that you can do to save money at Christmas. You can incorporate this into your monthly budget; put money away for Christmas in the months leading up to Christmas. You'll also need to budget how much you will spend on each gift – and stick to it.

Budgeting may not seem like a lot of fun, especially around the holidays. But look at it as a creative challenge. Often, carefully thought out gifts (think homemade gifts) are a lot more meaningful than the more expensive ones. Presents are lovely to receive. But you make memories that last a lifetime by being together. So give the gift of your presence this festive season.

Shop Early

how to save money at christmas

Don’t wait for Black Friday to start Christmas shopping. Look for sales all year long. When you’re mindful of your list throughout the year, you’ll spread out both the spending and the stress. And maybe even get rid of the stress altogether.

If you missed the chance to jump on the early shopping train this year, don't worry. Just remember it in January when you’re budgeting for the next Christmas season!

Spend Less on Traditions

10 Best Ways To Save Money During This Christmas Season

Why do you send Christmas cards to everyone you’ve ever met? Oh, because your mom always did?

The real question here is this: Why do we hold on to expensive traditions that don’t mean much anymore? We aren’t suggesting you stop going around the table sharing your favorite Christmas memories. Those sound like beautiful traditions. But making a 20-layer, authentic Swiss chocolate cake for your family? Maybe drop that one. Nobody needs the calories anyway.

Sell Your Old Stuff

10 Best Ways To Save Money During This Christmas Season

It’s almost that time again—time to get more stuff. So in preparation, why don’t you get rid of some of your old stuff? Not only will you make room for new things, but you’ll also make some money to buy other people stuff.

Yes, we’re making a little light of it. You know the season isn’t supposed to be about stuff. But really—try clearing out some things you never use and make some money in the process!

Make Presents

how to save money at christmas

If you want to give something personal, memorable and one of a kind, make it! Pinterest has a wealth of ideas and instructions. If you aren’t super crafty, you can bake up a storm, put together a gift basket of someone’s favorite things, or whip up some DIY sugar scrubs. Nothing says “Merry Christmas” like something homemade.

Donate to Charity

What can you get for the hardest-to-buy-for people on your list? Nothing.

Instead, give money in their honor to their favorite charity. Create a card or get one from the organization explaining the donation.

Imperfect is great

Aiming for perfection is ultimately futile. Things can and do go wrong. That’s life and trying to fight that fact only leads to stress and heartache. If you try to be the ultimate Christmas host, you will spend money that you don’t necessarily have. That's including getting tired and not enjoying your festive season. That way madness lies. Do it your way with the resources you have available; such as your humour and your kind heart.

How to save money at Christmas the old-fashioned way

Think back to what made your childhood Christmas magical. Bring out retro board games from the store. When was the last time you played Musical Chairs? Bake your own food; maybe ask older relatives for recipes that you can try out with your children. Get into crafting and give a home-made present this year. These always mean so very much as time, effort and love come in these packages.

How To Save Money At Christmas: Send Cards Instead of Gifts

10 Best Ways To Save Money During This Christmas Season

A thoughtful Christmas card shows people that you’re thinking of them and can often mean more than a commercial gift. Save even more money by purchasing cards in bulk. Include a handwritten note that personalizes your card.

How To Save Money At Christmas: Focus on the Celebration

Talk to friends and extended family about spending time together instead of exchanging gifts. Sometimes people feel obligated to continue giving gifts to people year after year. Be willing to tell people that you’d prefer to have their presence—and not their presents—at Christmas, and suggest that you don’t swap gifts this year.


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