This easy five-minute trick can save your marriage

This easy five-minute trick can save your marriage

All it takes is five minutes and minimal effort.

No matter how perfect you think your relationship is, every marriage comes with its fair share of ups and downs. While this is normal, some rough patches seem hard to get by. If you're wonderinghow to save your marriage, maybe this easy five-minute trick could be the answer you've been searching for.

Some of us seek help from counsellors or therapists. Others look for articles like this onhow to save your marriage.

Relationship expert, psychologist Belinda Williams, shares an extremely valuable relationship tip – something she uses to help couples reconnect during rough patches.

How to Save Your Marriage in Five Minutes


how to save your marriage


Now, many of you are probably wondering, what on earth is a micro-moment?

Belinda explains that when couples get married, there is plenty of time for intimacy to grow. Before the couple has kids, little "micro-moments" like lounging on the couch, holding hands in the car or just sitting down and listening to music together build the relationship.

But when kids come into the picture, all of this tends to go out the window.

So her solution is to bring back the intimacy in short, five-minute micro-moments.

"It doesn't have to be big chunks of time for it to be impactful to your relationship," Belinda says. "Micro-moments are really taking the smallest of opportunities to connect."

It's All About the Little Things

how to save your marriage

Belinda goes on to say that she encourages couples to find the smallest opportunity to signal to each other that they care and love one another. This may be as small as just ensuring that you give each other a proper greeting and farewell.

"It can be a quick cuddle as you pass in the hallway, holding hands as you fall asleep, saying I love you face to face, an expression of gratitude or a small gift like their favourite tea," she adds.

"The main principle is that if we wait for opportunities of grand gestures, it often means that this is unattainable or too long between opportunities for connection. So take what you can get. Make the most of the small moments."

Don't Wonder How to Save Your Marriage, Try Micro-Moments


how to save your marriage

If spending little pockets of time together is all it takes to save your marriage, then it's time to try creating magical micro-moments.

We decided to put this to the test. We asked mummies we know to try our doing little gestures of love with their spouses and this is what we found.

Selena* says that all it took was smiling at her husband as they passed each other, to get him to reach out more for moments of affection.

Raylene* shares that she would playfully smack her husband's bum as they walked past each other in the kitchen, first ensuring her children were not within eyesight. This helped to rebuild the physical, and later on, emotional intimacy.

Jasmine* recalls not remembering the last time she and her husband even shared a drink. One evening after the kids had gone to bed, she decided to pour herself... and her husband... a glass of wine. This led to them sharing about their days with each other – something they had forgotten to do in months.

*Names have been changed to protect identities.

Still wonderinghow to save your marriage? Give this micro-moments thing a try and let us know how to goes in the comments.


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