How You Go Tek Save Yourself From Voodoo?

How You Go Tek Save Yourself From Voodoo?

Voodoo magic fit do person strong tin. But, as Christian wey you be, e get ways you fit fight against am and save yourself.

Voodoo practice nor dey only West Africa. Dem dey practice am for Haiti, some part for Miami and New York. Dem kind of voodoo mix de West Africa dem voodoo with Roman Catholic practices. Dis practice don extend reach Latin America, Cuba and Brazil. De practice dey usually involve sacrifice of animals, ceremonies, rituals, casting of spells, sharing of talismans and amulets. De question wey come de mind na how to save yourself from voodoo magic.

You go don dey hear about voodoo before. Voodoo na de name wey dem give some religious practices wey come from West Africa. Dese religious practices dey involve make people dey yan with spirits wey dey insde rivers, on top land, inside de air or any other place where dem dey stay.

De Bible give some instructions as to how we go take relate with voodoo magic. Voodoo relate with occult practices wey include worship of spirit, divination and casting of spell. Inside Deuteronomy 18:9-13, de Bible talk sey dose practices na abomination and make we no join dem for dat kain practice. De Bible warn sey make we no turn to dem, and if we do e go bring de anger of God on top our head.

Voodoo fit harm Christians?

As de Bible talk for 1 John 5: 18 and 19 no evil go happen for us if we dey in de right place with God. Wen we no allow sin sweep us away from God, den we go dey safe from any kind of evil- dis one include voodoo magic too. Children of God dey free from de harms wey fit come from voodoo magic. Also de Bible give us assurance sey de one wey live inside us great pass de powers wey dey control de world, so no need to fear de power of voodoo magic.

How to save yourself from voodoo magic

ways to save yourself from voodoo magic

  • Stay away from sin

De only tin wey fit bring enemy between us and God na sin. If wall no crack, lizard no go fit enta am. If we no allow sin, power of darkness no go fit harm us.

  • Trust in God

As de Bible take talk am for Proverbs 3:5-7, we need to trust God with all our heart. Wen we believe sey God strong pass all dem voodoo magic, we go dey alright and protected.

  • Put on de full armor of God

As believers our fight nor be physical fight but spiritual. De Bible don arrange dem weapons wey we go need to take fight dat kain battle for inside Ephesians 6: 12 - 17.

- gird your loin with de truth

- wear breastplate of righteousness

- wear shoes of de gospel of peace

- carry shield of faith

- wear helmet of salvation

- carry de sword of de spirit

  • Watch and pray always

watch and pray

Matthew 26: 41, de Bible advise us make we dey watch and pray all de time. De devil and im agents dey fly around and dey look for who dem wan harm. If Christian slack small, dem fit be easy target for evil spirit and dem plans. We need to always watch and pray, dis go protect us again voodoo magic and any other tins wey fit harm us.

De Bible don tell us as we suppose deal with voodoo. We need to stay away from de practice and involvement with dem. To save yourself from voodoo magic, trust in God, stay away from sin and pray all de time.

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Tony S Abiodun