How To Shape Your Brows With Tweezers

How To Shape Your Brows With Tweezers

While you are stuck at home during the social distancing, here's how you can shape your brows at home with tweezers like a pro.

I don’t know about you, but I’m on week three of staying at home in the spirit of social distancing and my brows are scary. While I won’t be seeing anyone IRL for a while, I still want to keep my brows groomed for my own sake…and all those video conference calls and FaceTime friend dates, of course. Here’s how you can shape your brows with tweezers at home like a pro.

I’ve tried every brow grooming technique out there waxing, threading, microblading, tinting, laminating. Yet I’ve found that my best bet has been DIY tweezing. It’s part laziness, part budget-consciousness, part trust issues. Whichever you identify with, trust me when I say you can achieve great arches at home. Keep reading for tips from the pros.

How to Do Your Brows at Home, According to Pros
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How to Shape Your Brows With Tweezers at Home, According to Pros

Stick to grooming once a week.

Less is definitely more. Tweeze once a week. Set a time limit for yourself so you’re not overworking them, says Joey Healy, esthetician and owner of his namesake brow studio in New York. If you arent sure about the hair, leave it.

Tweeze after you’ve showered

It is a good time to tweeze as it softens the hairs and opens up the follicles so that the hair can come out easier and not hurt as much, says Jimena Garcia, Chanel Beauty Brow Artist. A facial steamer works just as well, too (DIY tip: You can also hover your face above a bowl of hot water and cover your head with a towel for a similar effect).

Use a slanted tweezer

slanted tweezer

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A stainless steel version will give you the most control. Garcia swears by the Tweezerman Ultra Precision Slant Tweezer ($35, because it can grab any type of hair by laying the slant flat against your skin. We also like Healys own Elite Sculpting Tweezer ($35,

Skip the magnifying mirror

You might think it’ll help you see better, but it’ll give you a skewed perspective that leads to going overboard. Use a mirror near a window with some daylight for the best results.

Start with the strays

Tweeze the hairs in between your brows first. Your brows begin at the bridge of your nose, Healy says. Find the start point by using a tweezer and holding it up vertically against your nose, starting at the nostril. Also, do some light hair removal under the arch.

Create an arch two-thirds of the way out

While every face shape is different, a good rule of thumb is having brows go from thick to thin, centred on the brow bone. You want two lines that gradually incline together and taper into a nice, crisp point for the last third, Healy describes.

Here’s a handy illustration of different arches. The perfect one is subjective!

Don’t forget stragglers above your brows

You might’ve heard you should only stick to tweezing below the arches not true! Most of the shaping is focused underneath, but you don’t want to leave the top super messy, he says. Limit plucking to the hair on the forehead and temples if the hair sits on the brow bone, leave it!

Add definition with some brow makeup

Getting on a Zoom call and want to look a little more put-together (even if you’re wearing a hoodie?). Adding some oomph to groomed brows will frame your face and define your features, yes, even through a webcam. Here’s your quick cheat sheet for all the different types of brow makeup:

Best for Beginners: Brow Pencil

A pencil is amateur-friendly, portable, and great for defining the brows. They can best be used to fake brow hairs with fine strokes, fill in gaps, tighten up the lines of your brow or other smaller specific areas. Make sure you brush through with a spoolie to blend (most brow pencils come with one!).

a spoolie brush

A spoolie

Best for Fullness: Brow Powder

If you already have a well-groomed shape but want to add some softer, natural-looking thickness, use an angled brush with brow powder to add more density. Pro tip: tap off excess product before going straight to your arches, and start at the end so the front is not harsh.

Best for Low-Maintenance: Brow Gel

If you’re not interested in spending more than a few seconds on your brows, a gel is the way to go. It’s great for polishing up longer brow hairs, or ones that go in different directions to look more tame. And, if you get a tinted version, adds volume without needing precision. You can also top off powders and pencils with gel to set them.

Best for Longwear: Brow Pomade

Pomades are creamy and have the strongest colour payoff of all the brow products, and most formulas can withstand oily skin, humidity and heat, and even water. You can totally reshape the lines of the brow, or apply hair-like strokes. It creates a really strong look and should be applied with an angled brush.

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